Open the "reader season": 6 books worth reading in the fall

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The book is able to become a companion of autumn days, so that everyday life does not seem "dashing and gray" and complement the image of a modern woman. Choosing what to read, you can transform into a romantic person, a modest intellectual or self-made woman. It all depends on what mood you want to set and how you imagine your personal fall.

For some, autumn is associated with new achievements and projects, for someone with sweet sadness and nostalgia, as in the novels of Francoise Sagan, so you need to choose a companion book adjusted for your mood. Get a dose of motivation or an impetus for self-development; brag about reading a novelty on a blog; distracted by a light history of morning coffee; sincerely cry, wrapped in a plaid; – each of us has its own expectations from the autumn readings.

A book is an opportunity to travel to another dimension, even for forty minutes, while you are waiting for the child to finish classes, walk in the park with a stroller, or do not know what to do with yourself in the evening. If you like the smell of book pages, and the image of an autumn park, a glass of latte and a new book in your hands is firmly established in your head, then you are ready for a new reading season. We offer you a book selection in which you will definitely find new items from publishing forums, and Nobel laureates, and classics postponed “for later”, but never read. It’s up to you to decide which mood is closest to you this fall.

1. "Fates and Furies" Lauren Grof.

This novel has already managed to make a noise, even if only because Barack Obama called him his favorite. Well, isn’t it curious to read a book that hooked on the US president and at the same time describes not the difficult path to success, but the dark sides of marriage? "Fates" became a bestseller, according to The New York Times and Amazon. No one promised that family life is an easy journey to a fabulous country, but the author without embellishment turns inside out all the vicissitudes of a seemingly perfect marriage, which took place playwright Lancelot and his wife Matilda.

You should read this book if you suspected that sacrificing yourself for the sake of a relationship, following the principles “a wife should be in the shadow of her husband and share his success with him” is not a very working strategy. If you like to imagine yourself as a detective and a psychoanalyst in one person, to understand the motives of human actions. The book is read in one breath and makes you look at the "marriage bond" with different eyes.

14055697_1810413059177698_1882391838_n "width =" 726 "height =" 960 "srcset =" 726w, https: 2326-5. 454w "sizes =" (max-width: 726px) 100vw, 726px "></p><p class=2. “Light in the ocean” M. L. Steadman.

This novel was filmed in 2016, and just this fall you can see the story of Tom and Isabelle on large screens. But the book is worth reading before you rush to admire the wonderful movie pair of Michael Fassbender and Alicia Wikander. The novel is worth it: you will find a light authorial style and cleansing tears at the end (and what to hide, throughout the reading too!). It seems that the author specifically creates a hopeless situation for his characters. Spouses living in a distance from everyone on the island with a lighthouse dream of only one thing. They want children, a large family, but due to circumstances they cannot translate this picture into reality. Life gives them a chance – a child who miraculously gets to them at the lighthouse. But this is not their child, and somewhere his mother remained, unhappy and heartbroken. How to solve this moral dilemma? Together with Isabelle, you will look for the answer to this question, torn between “what to do right” and “how you want”. Who re-read the entire Jojo Moyes, but misses the touching stories, “Light in the Ocean” will fill your fall evenings with strong emotions.

cover3d1 "width =" 1187 "height =" 1825 "srcset =" 833w, https: // 23-59. 390w "sizes =" (max-width: 1187px) 100vw, 1187px "></p><p class=3. “Warm history to the Kavi” Nadijka Gerbysh.

A collection of short but no less interesting and touching stories will fit perfectly into your day if you have breakfast on the go and are always late somewhere. Having found 10-15 minutes for the story, you can slow down and wrap yourself around. You can use this collection as a fortune-telling on which story the book opened, and read there, trying to understand how this plot is close to your day. You will meet different heroes and emotions, just take this collection with you and “pause” when you feel that you need to fill up with a spiritual resource.

24763023 "width =" 848 "height =" 601 "srcset =" 848w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px "></p><p class=4. “Between it is necessary and I want. Find your way and follow it. ”El Luna.

Who ordered self-development and work on himself, promising himself to start a new life on September 1? Then this book is your perfect fall companion. With it you can try to realize your “want” without waiting for the next Monday. After all, why do not all our vows about the fact that tomorrow I can, gather my will in my fist and be sure to do it? According to El Luna, we really do not want this and, choosing the position of "necessary", we act as obedient children. But to be “obedient” and “happy” are completely different states. The sooner you decide on your “want,” the sooner you will understand what your purpose is and follow it. A portion of autumn inspiration is provided to you.

1014455122 "width =" 1391 "height =" 1800 "srcset =" 1391w, https: // 23-59. 464w, 989w " sizes = "(max-width: 1391px) 100vw, 1391px"></p><p class=5. "Runaway" Alice Munroe.

Nobel prizes in literature just do not give out, especially with the postscript "the best author of short stories." After re-reading all of Chekhov, in search of intellectual pleasure, you will not be disappointed with “Runaway”. In this collection there will be no book cliches in the new interpretation, only the author’s, a completely different look. And, although this is a collection of stories, you are unlikely to be able to tear yourself away from a book without reading to the last page, hoping to find yourself or one of your loved ones in one of the heroines.

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Pamuk’s novels have already become classics, which I want to reread again and again. A beautiful love story told by a man who does not regret at all that he loved. You will discover Istanbul, and you will want to look at it through the eyes of the author. This book is about the experiences of Kemal, who fell in love with his poor relative Fyusun, and for the sake of her renounced the idleness of the life of the "golden youth". Love filled his life with meaning, although it radically changed him. You will get real pleasure from the way the book is written, and how the feelings of the heroes are revealed. Watching the museum of their love fill up (and it really exists, like an art object in Istanbul and a ticket is hidden in your book!), You will want to not only visit it, but also remember your love story. But isn't autumn the best time for such “revisions of memory"?

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Have a good reading!

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