Nowhere Above: What We Know About Paris's Haute Couture Fashion Week

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Facts. The appearance of the concept of "Haute Couture" the world owes to the Englishman living and working in Paris – Charles Frederick Worth, who was patronized by Empress Eugene, and who opened the first couture Maison in Paris in 1858. The High Fashion Syndicate (La chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture) appeared 10 years later, and since then this organization has sacredly followed the rules by which the fashion house can consider itself a manufacturer of couture collections. After World War II, these rules were revised in connection with the industrialization of the fashion world, but since then nothing has changed in this beautiful world. In order to attribute Haute Couture to itself, the Fashion House must contain at least 20 seamstresses and other “little pens” in a Parisian atelier who will be engaged in manual sewing for customers and present at least 35 units every season at the show. By the way, at that time in Paris there were 106 couture houses, now there are 15 of them.

Pose de garnitures dans l'atelier de Worth, grand couturier parisien. Paris, 1907.

Creating models for the first Haute Couture Fashion Weeks

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Dress Charles Fredrick Worth

Undoubtedly, couture shows are the most expensive event, which can be compared with the demonstration of an experienced model of a space unit, the long-awaited ballet premiere at the Opera Garnier, the presentation of the new Tesla model or the performance of the theater of serfs at a country ball of an enlightened philanthropist – in fact, anything external interior is the best, not in earnest, but really – it's a couture. A brilliant bright undertaking, obviously doomed to success. The event, which brings together the crema de la crema of the fashion world – editors of major magazines, influential shoppers, and customers – mostly in burqa, is worth recognizing. With the 80s, the main donors and buyers of couture are residents of the Middle and Far East. And most often they buy such dresses for festive wedding events, which can last for weeks.

With all the high cost and obvious advertising character – yes, they spend money on couture to maintain the image of the fashion house – to love it stands for an incredible humanistic pathos worthy of the golden age of ancient literature. Couture items are made 100% by hand. Each thing involves a gigantic amount of handmade work (a dress of at least 100 manual seams, a day of work) and a sewing, stitching, embroidery technique – in a word of everything that has been collected and honed for centuries by courtiers and independent tailors and seamstresses, the grandiose knowledge of hands that is now used in the production of uncut clothing is quite rare. And if not for these dresses, it was abolished as unnecessary. And the world would be different. As if we forgot how to write with a pen. Or see each other live instead of talking on Skype. In a word, yesterday began and the week will last a week of triumph of the old beautiful world, which cannot be lost.

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