Not a school uniform: the most unusual autumn sundresses from Ukrainian brands

Due to associations with school uniforms, we often underestimate the sundress in the fall fashion arsenal. But it is worth taking a closer look, and it becomes clear that this is the perfect clothing of the season, in which you can always set an example of how to look more catchy, stylish, elegant in familiar sweaters, turtlenecks and blouses, which we usually combine with jeans.

Lesia semi

In the wake of the popularity of modest fashion, a sundress made of durable fabric combined with golf or a shirt is a necessary set in the wardrobe in order to look stylish but diverse in the fall. After all, not just the same jeans to wear! Lesia Semi brand has the right version of such a sundress – warm fabric, a mid-length a-line skirt, light gray color and decorative elements of the turquoise Tiffany shade on the corset part do everything to make you look bright, positive and inspiring on a dull morning, but they weren’t like a teacher or a librarian.

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The very phrase “tweed sundress” itself causes associations, if not with the heroine of “Office Romance”, then with retro films with charming, but sometimes too boring screens of images. But only if it's not a playful sundress with a short skirt and an emphasis on the waist from Nesha. In this way, you can just go to conquer everyone around and be more like the heroine of the movie "Secretary" than Lyudmila Prokofievna.

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Do you think that mini-lengths are not enough for a sarafan to get into the wardrobe, albeit intelligent, but seductive? What about a leather dress? For example, the Marsee’s brand has a striking version of eco-leather in the main color of this year – Greenery, which, as promised in Pantone, gives a little summer mood even on the wettest and wettest day. And maintains a balance between the image of a naive student and a fan of alternative cultures.

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Do you want a simple to wear but maximally functional thing, putting on that immediately becomes a body and is comfortable? Then you need to run to Sense. There is a woolen sundress here with a convenient straight silhouette with a knitted pocket – for a phone and a credit card so that you do not have to carry a bag with you once again at an event. And the shade of a hot waffle is responsible for the autumn atmosphere.

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Logic clothes

For lovers of an even warmer color scheme, Logic Clothes has an impeccable sundress made of artificial leather, which is one of the main trends of the season, approved by international fashion weeks – from Hermes to Ralph Lauren. Outwardly, he looks a bit like overalls, but this is precisely his plus: he, like an apron, combines perfectly with anything from sweaters and blouses to jeans with T-shirts. A mustard tint adds things to you and a sunny mood, no matter what the weather is outside the window.

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Inside u

If in the fall you did not rely on gloomy colors, you have already won to some extent. Therefore, among the hundreds of shades of gray in the wardrobe, an emerald sundress with a patch of bright zipper at the back and a graphic neckline at the front does not hurt. It seems to us that in combination with a bright, but restrained blouse, in such a sundress-case, you can experiment with an exemplary formal wardrobe, like the new style icon – Melania Trump.

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Fashion industry employees always say that if you don’t know what to wear, in any strange situation, rely on minimalism and conciseness – a white T-shirt and black jeans. True, it’s hard to make a mistake with such a monochrome bow. But, on the other hand, it is just as hard to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your good taste. Therefore, an autumn alternative to black jeans can be considered a midi-denim sundress with a contrasting white zipper and boldly unprocessed hem edges. If we rely on hugg and simplicity, then only in this form.

Natasha Fishchenko

Velvet is still the actual texture of the season, which looks advantageous even in casual clothes. Therefore, a long sundress with a slit in the front and an elegant embroidered back that can be worn even on top of dresses can be an excellent modern interpretation of the famous green dress of Scarlett O ’Hara, which she sewed from the curtain and went to win hearts.

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Multifunctionality is what we value in clothes sometimes even more than original ideas, unusual cut or catchy color range. Although the Podolyan sundress has all of the above, including the original print interspersed with red, which look just as spectacular and solemn as the scarlet lipstick in the make-up. But its main feature is that in combination with a blouse or turtleneck, this thing will be appropriate in a strict business dress code, and having removed the top and put it on a naked body, you can transform into a bow for an evening event. In addition, it seems to us that if “The Devil Wears Prada” was shot today, this sundress would fit perfectly into the bright wardrobe of the fashion editorial staff.

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D sisters

The first association that arises with sundresses is a school, uniform, office clothes, in which you can look tidy and strict, but not unique. But any small detail and typical thing immediately turns into an original design decision. So, a gray sarafan for the smell of wool, with a diagonal line of buttons and only one harness makes a typical ruffian a little hooligan. But we have long since left school age, so we can afford it!

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