Next year's fashionable palette: Pale Dogwood and Hazelnuts


Although the Pantone Institute called the shade of fresh greenery Greenery the main color of spring, ten more trendy colors that will be relevant in 2017 were presented in the organization's selection. Many experts and fashion fans named two of them as their favorites. Spectator sympathy went to the colors of Pale Dogwood (Pale Dogwood) and Hazelnut (Hazelnut). These two shades are united by tenderness and a certain calm. Their pastel colors impress with their sophistication and elegance. And, without any doubt, the wardrobes of trend hunters will decorate very soon. Find out what their secret is.


It is impossible to say with confidence that many people know what a dogwood tree looks like. What can we say about his “pale” version! But it seems that very soon we will very often see him on the streets, because the Pantone color institute called "Pale Dogwood" one of the main colors of the spring season of 2017.


Appearance story

It should be noted right away that this color is not simple: according to Leatrice Aisman, executive director of the Pantone Institute, this year clothing colors played a decisive role on the catwalks. Fashion for various shades of pink appeared back in 2015, when Apple launched the iPhone in the color Rose Gold. Then only the lazy did not use similar tones in their products. But Pantone experts went further and developed the theme, first introducing Rose Quartz, and now declaring the power of the “Pale Dogwood” – Pale Dogwood. Designers happily accepted this innovation. Companies like Acne Studios, Glossier, Kinfolk, and Thinx have already used it in their booklets and covers. And experts called it "pink of the third millennium."

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The Secret of Pale Dogwood

What is his charm? First of all, in lightness and tenderness: the familiar pink today looks too flashy, even kitsch. While Pale Dogwood represents femininity and good taste. All the same, Leatrice Aisman calls him the embodiment of "innocence, unobtrusiveness and refinement." Namely, these qualities determine the modern woman who follows fashion.

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Once pink was the main color of girls. Remember baby clothes, food for babies, even a Barbie doll and all its accessories. The hot pink world created by marketers several decades ago today looks at least ridiculous. It seemed that the younger generation should reject pink. But instead, it changed its tone, making it less defiant and deeper. So the appearance of “Pale Dogwood” is a natural phenomenon that needs to be accepted and rejoiced by him.

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What to buy?

Of course, the appearance of clothes in the color "Pale Dogwood" in the coming spring can not be avoided. There will be no lack of it either in haute couture or in pret-a-porter. Moreover, we have already seen the first dusty pink swallows. Prada, Valentino, J. Mendel, Banana Republic, Ryan Roche, Baja East, Lacoste and others partially painted their collections in a new color. Very soon, the rest will catch up. In the meantime, we can watch the appearance of underwear, pajamas and bathrobes in the colors of Pale Dogwood.


Separately, it is worth noting that jewelers also heeded the decision of Pantone. GiGi Ferranti, Doron Paloma, Tiffany demonstrated wonderful “cornel” bracelets, earrings and pendants. The material was rose gold, sapphires, tourmaline and pearls. And it seems that jewelry manufacturers were just waiting for a new color: the products look elegant, restrained and very elegant.

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Needless to say, manufacturers of bedding do not miss their chance. It is difficult to come up with a more comfortable, delicate and "home" color for lush pillows and warm blankets.


How to wear?

"Pale dogwood" is already beautiful because it instantly became a new classic. Therefore, it is easily combined with other colors. In the early days of spring, when you just need to hint at the approaching heat, it can be "diluted" with rusty red or even darker colors. For example, Banana Republic at New York Fashion Week showed this color in combination with suede jackets and leather moccasins.

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With the onset of real warmth, Pale Dogwood will look great in plain clothes or, for example, next to a dark brown thing. And here, no dresses, for example, like Valentino or Prada, shoes, or accessories, will become an exception. Pastel pink handbags and clutches will look great in combination with clothes of the same color.

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Although some journalists wrote about the “Pale Dogwood” as the color of a female protest against established norms, there is no escape from its “pinkness”. He still remains the most feminine in the entire Pantone spring selection. Similar to a delicate flower, it perfectly sets off the natural color of the skin, making it look fresher and smoother. It is not surprising that any Pale Dogwood color item can decorate even the worst of moods and at the same time give its owner an updated, truly spring look.


With this color, everything is much simpler. And not only because everyone knows what a hazelnut looks like. Leatrice Aisman herself said that the shade is "transitional." According to her, he wanders from season to season, as well as, for example, the shade of "latte".


What is the point?

Mentioned "transition" is an excellent quality of color. And here the hazelnut has no equal. Given that spring promises to be slightly belated, do not immediately rush to buy light and "colorful" things. The transition from winter severity to spring lightness should be smooth. This is where the hazelnut color comes in handy. It is warm, soft and, in the words of Pantone experts themselves, contains a certain “earthiness”. On the one hand, this will give warmth in those days when the sun will not yet please with its frequent presence, and on the other, it will look great in its first rays, because the shade is still light.

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What to buy?

Designers used Hazelnuts as the color for early spring clothing. For example, Baja East turned out to be an amazing jumpsuit with straps, which they put on a loose woolen sweater. And Dion Lee made a long, lightweight cloak that can warm and please with a pleasant shade. But New York Fashion Week also had lighter nutty clothing. For example, Dennis Basso used a shade in creating a weightless chiffon blouse and lace dress. “Hazelnuts” came to taste even to Kanye West: he used it in his Yeezy collection.


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Perhaps someone will not believe that you can make jewelry in walnut tones, but it is. Just look at the latest products of famous jewelers. Thomas Sabo presented a pendant in the shape of a hand, Bering – a women's watch with Swarovski crystals, and Jersey Pearl – a ring with pearls.

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What to wear?

Hazelnut is one of those perfect shades that blend with almost every other. For example, hazelnut-colored clothing will blend well with the colors of Primrose Yellow and Flame from the same Pantone report. The neutrality of this color will be in harmony with the brightness of red and yellow. The combination of “hazelnuts” with white looks real classic. For example, a “walnut” blazer will suit white trousers and a blouse. Black is also a good option, especially for early spring. You can try wearing hazelnut suede boots with a black leather jacket and jeans. Another option is not to vary the colors and try on a Hazelnut dress with shoes of the same tone.

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As we already said, the main charm of the bright Hazelnut is its neutrality. Due to this property, it harmoniously and confidently looks both in cold cloudy weather and on bright sunny days. So this is the case when you do not have to be shy, but you need to go and buy!

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