Nastya Ivleeva repeated the iconic image of Zhanna Friske from the film “Day Watch”

Nastya Ivleeva / Zhanna Friske in the film “Day Watch”

29-year-old Nastya Ivleeva loves to experiment with her own image: she is not afraid to change her hair color and can safely part with their length. Basically, the star conducts such beauty transformations for the sake of filming in new projects.

Just a backstage from one of them, a blogger and TV presenter showed the other day. Ivleeva appeared in front of her subscribers in a wig of short black hair, a leather collar with spikes and a red jacket with patches. In this way, Nastya immediately reminded many of the heroine named Alice from Timur Bekmambetov’s film “Day Watch”, played by the late Zhanna Friske.

Nastya IvleevaNastya Ivleeva

Zhanna Friske in the film "Day Watch"
Zhanna Friske in the movie “Day Watch”

Beautiful photos, but looking at them I remember Zhanna Friske. The similarity is strong!

This is Jeanne from the “Day Watch”.

I will stay with the wind on my lips, I will remain a flame in my eyes … Eh, Zhanchik (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Ed.).

Nastya Ivleeva

Recall that in the fantasy action films Night Watch and Day Watch, Zhanna Friske played the powerful witch Alisa Donnikova, who loved to dress brightly and always walked with her favorite accessory – a backpack in the form of a coffin behind her back. Soon after the death of Zhanna Friske in 2015 from a brain tumor, the press began to talk about the role of the curse in the fate of the actors of the “Night Watch”.

Some fans are convinced that the film left its mark on many of the key actors: for example, a few years before Friske’s death, the first wife of Konstantin Khabensky passed away from the same illness (he played the main role in “Patrols”), and actor Valery also died Zolotukhin, who played in two parts of the film – and also from glioblastoma.

Zhanna Friske in the film "Day Watch"Zhanna Friske in the movie “Day Watch”

By the way, none of the Internet users saw anything wrong with the fact that Nastya tried on the image of Jeanne from the “Day Watch”. Recently, Ivleeva has generally been imbued with a special love for wigs: almost every day she tries on hair of different lengths and colors, and in this form usually shoots content for her YouTube channel or TikTok account. One of the most striking images of Nastya in recent years has been her reincarnation as a young Christina Aguilera.

Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva

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