Mandarin, cocoa, embers: 12 winter scents for cozy evenings

By the time the winter season rolls around, we’re ready to wrap our head up in a new cashmere tracksuit and drink herbal tea with honey while holding our favorite book. Fragrances will also help keep you warm, so consider updating your winter perfume wardrobe. Prefer musk or floral notes? Sweet like a juicy peach or bitter and tart like wormwood? We have collected 12 winter scents.

Traditionally, the aromas of hot chocolate, freshly baked gingerbread and roasted chestnuts are considered winter. Smoky oud is associated with a warm evening by the fireplace, and cinnamon, cloves and other spices – with hot mulled wine at the Christmas market. Winter scents need to be warm and sensual, and lasting enough to wear on our favorite sweater. We have collected 12 suitable options.

Eau de parfum Les Exclusifs de Chanel Coromandel, Chanel (15 450 rubles.)

Chinese screens with mysterious oriental flowers, which were used to decorate Coco Chanel’s apartment at 31 rue Cambon (in Paris), served as the inspiration for the creation of the Chanel Coromandel fragrance.

The composition conveys the scent of lacquered old wood, combining notes of neroli, white chocolate, jasmine and olibanum. Warm, inviting and surprisingly cozy, the aroma invites us to the house of Mademoiselle Chanel herself.

Fève Délicieuse, Dior (15 900 rubles)

Before diving headlong into the variety of desserts that are sure to be left over from the New Year as sweet gifts, try a little Fève Délicieuse. The scent pays homage to tonka beans and smells like gingerbread Christmas cookies with a pinch of vanilla, cocoa, caramel and praline. This “dish” by perfumer Francois Demachy turned out to be incredibly tasty. Sweet, but not sugary, the scent is complemented by notes of amber, leather and cedar.

Aroma Grand Soir, Maison Francis Kurkdjian (14 880 rubles)

In the days when it was possible to go to winter parties, this scent was perfect for a release. The nightlife of Parisian ladies was the inspiration for Francis Kurkdjian. Grand Soir is a heady blend of cistus and labdanum, a natural resin with an ambergris-like scent, as well as vanilla and amber.

This composition does not at all oblige to wear a tuxedo or an evening dress to the floor, but you want to apply it precisely on special occasions.

Armani Privé Orangerie Venise fragrance (13 325 rubles)

Fragrances with notes of citrus zest are relevant all year round, but Orangerie Venise by Armani Privé, thanks to the warm accords of cedar and moss, sounds especially wintery.

The herbal and woody eau de toilette, created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion (author of the bestselling books Acqua di Gioia and Code by Armani), sparkles with notes of neroli, petitgren and the aromatic South African buchu shrub.

Orangerie venise dedicated to the greenhouses in the Venetian gardens of the Giardini del Castell, in which a kind of tepidarium is created, which allows plants, such as citrus fruits, sensitive to cold, to grow even in the coldest season.

Aroma Love Osmanthus, Atelier Cologne (9 435 rubles)

There is nothing better than curling up and warming yourself with tea infused with aromatic osmanthus flowers on a frosty winter day. The night flower is known for its soothing properties and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce inflammation and detoxify the body. In the world of aromas, osmanthus is also valued. Based on the petals of this plant, lemon and cedar, Atelier Cologne perfumers have created the Love Osmanthus fragrance, which tones up just like freshly squeezed orange juice.

Eau de parfum Crimson Rocks, Amouage (18 500 rubles)

The “Crimson Cliffs” Amouage were created in tribute to the Al-Hajar Mountains in Oman, the highest mountain range in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. The composition is based on rose, cinnamon bark and honey. And how this scent unfolds over time on the skin … From a floral scent it turns into a warm mixture of oak and cedar.

The Crimson Rocks from the Amouage Renaissance collection, dedicated to exploring nature and unexpected ingredients such as peppermint oil, turmeric and carrots, is perfect for the coldest days.

Aroma Saharian Wind, Mancera (10 800 rubles)

Saharian Wind comes from Pierre Manser’s journey through the Sahara Desert. The fragrance reveals unusual notes of sun-warmed leather and bergamot in a whirlwind of bright spices and dry wood. The delicate scent of lavender is reminiscent of sand dunes, and the base is woven of tobacco and white musk, which give the composition an unprecedented durability.

Aroma Incensum, Mizensir (20 550 rub.)

New from Mizensir is devoted the Kōdō ceremony, which was held in ancient Japan, when incense makers gathered for a special competition game, where everyone tried to guess the composition of their competitor’s scent.

In a small bottle, pieces of wood seem to smolder, intertwining with a fragrant mixture of exotic spices. Myrrh, papyrus, ginger create the effect of a haze, but not asphyxiating, but graceful and enveloping.

The perfumer wanted to create a composition with an oriental accent, so he combined spices and extracts such as frankincense or myrrh with the characteristic subtle notes of aromatic wood, loved by samurai and shoguns.

New Bond St. Swarovski Limited Edition, Bond No. 9 (about 35 thousand rubles.)

One of the latest fragrances from the American brand is inspired by the Big Apple. With a mixture of ginger, pink pepper, rose, sandalwood and patchouli, the warm composition envelops like a warm sweater. And what a beautiful packaging! The signature limited edition star-shaped bottle is set with 243 sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Eau de parfum Rolling in love, Kilian (23 500 rubles)

The red bottle literally screams Valentine’s Day, but the notes of the scent are created specifically for the cozy winter season. Kylian Hennessy and Pascal Gorin poured some almond milk into the bottle, sprinkled musk on top and added a couple of iris flowers for a delicious warm floral finish.

Eau de parfum Ombré Leather, Tom Ford (13 042 rubles)

In colder months, it’s appropriate to swap out the sweeter summer scents for something more intense. Ombré Leather is just such a composition. This perfume combines cardamom, leather and patchouli. Judging by these notes, it may seem that it will be too saturated. On the contrary, the fragrance is quite light, but retains its persistence from morning until late at night due to musky accords.

Eau de parfum Tobacco Mandarin, Byredo (10 780 rubles)

Unlike some tobacco-scented fragrances, this perfume will not make you smell like you just left the bar. Rather, it turned out to be a little spicy and subtle. The focus was on the accords of labdanum, leather and tobacco. The base of the pyramid is composed of olibanum, agarwood and sandalwood motifs. This is how a modern Santa Claus or Santa hipster could smell. Tangerines and light “smokiness” complement the festive and homely mood and evoke thoughts of mulled wine near the fireplace.

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