Keep warm, wherever you are: the most unusual down jackets from Ukrainian brands

Ienki IenkiIenki Ienki

We don’t know exactly how it happened, but today a down jacket is the main and most relevant thing in the winter wardrobe, which, like sneakers, has ceased to be part of sports paraphernalia, imperceptibly making its way into all layers of fashion. Now in the down jacket it’s not shameful to go not only to business meetings and dates, but also to social parties. Therefore, with the advent of the first serious snow, we choose the brightest options for Ukrainian brands.


Kiev restaurateurs Dasha and Misha Katsurina were, it seems, the first who saved us from having to crawl out of our beloved cozy blanket in the winter morning, suggesting we simply put on it. Among the new expanded range of KATSURINA down jackets, we like the short 1/3 Blanket model in a neutral light shade. Perhaps the whole point is that the laconicism of its cut and the color of cocoa corresponds to the style of hugge – the embodiment of warmth and comfort, which the whole world is now chasing. And, by the way, not only the design, but also practicality meets the Scandinavian spirit. The creators of the brand claim that their down jackets warm to -30 degrees, and they are responsible for their words – they checked the protection against the cold personally during a trip to Norway.

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And the MARCHI brand created a down jacket inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Deconstructivism, negligence, raw edges of the jacket with sticking threads – all this perfectly describes the fashionable Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi – a vision of beauty in imperfect things. In addition to the unusual cut, the down jacket attracts attention with its glossy silk texture, as well as a bright wine and pink tint. Despite the bold combinations, the jacket is quite functional: two-side buttons, pockets hidden in the side seams, and a filler made of natural goose down make the model warm and comfortable even in the harsh Kiev winter.

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Logic clothes

Do not hide the person under the layers of bright clothes – Parisian fashionistas were guided by this principle, forming their legendary French chic. The same rule applies to the Logic Clothes white down jacket. The most simple lines, minimalistic cut, the absence of any details (even clasps) will give their owner love to break stereotypes and will not distract from the main thing – individuality. So, do not be afraid to make non-standard decisions and wear white in the winter. The negligence borrowed from the French women will help to stylize the image correctly, and the white color can even very motivate if you take it as a symbol to start every day from scratch.

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Who is it?

Not everyone likes simplicity and minimalism. Someone longs for colorful emotions, keen attention and vivid impressions, especially in winter, when morning most often meets gloomy weather. The easiest way to cheer up is to choose catchy clothes that go beyond even your own thinking. The azure-blue jacket from the brand Who is it?, Decorated with voluminous details, will perfectly cope with this task. Plus, this is a good way to not be like everyone else this winter – the bold avant-garde solutions inherent in Belgian designers can still be seen on the streets of Antwerp, but in Kiev there is a chance to be the only one in thousands in such a jacket.

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The British also spend a lot of time looking uncommon, whose street fashion often borders on deliberate shocking, rebellious spirit and crazy tricks that run counter to stiff aristocracy. To pinch off a drop of this punk spirit, which inspired Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, and transfer it to Ukrainian realities will help the down jacket from the Finch brand. In a geometric volumetric coat with an author's print with dinosaur skeletons, there is every chance to become a star of street style this winter.

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J. Perekriostova

Modern designers are inspired not only by London street fashion, but also by the “classical” England of the Victorian era. It was this historical milestone that became the source for the interpretation of the latest collection of J. Perekriostova. A landmark was a coat imitating a Bologna sundress worn over a sweater with a voluminous collar. In addition to the extraordinary design, it meets yet another today's trend – modest fashion, once again illustrating that completely unbanal and even elaborate clothes do not have to be defiant and frankly sexy.

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Another master of a non-standard approach in design is the Ukrainian-Georgian brand GUDU. His collection has a bright down jacket, part of which imitates a large "puffed" scarf, which can be disposed of at your own discretion. The gypsy motifs from his native Georgia and their bohemian style with an inherent multi-layer became a reference to the spectacular jacket in which the designer offers to pass the winter. Which, by the way, is a winning solution in the cold season, when we are already looking for a way to put on as much clothing as possible.

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Ienki Ienki

The “Breakthrough of the Year” according to the Best Fashion Awards brand Ienki Ienki earned recognition precisely because it specializes exclusively in the creation of down jackets, equally beloved by fashionistas in Kiev, Paris, London, New York, and sold in 90 stores around the world. The bet is on a volumetric silhouette, rich colors and quality jackets that provide warmth even in the most persistent frosts. The northern Evenki people, who know exactly what a harsh winter is and how to survive in conditions of unbearable cold, became the reference for creating down jackets. So, the clothes worn in the North are a convincing reason to opt for outerwear on the bright Ienki Ienki down jacket.

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In an era when fur coats from natural fur become archaism, a comfortable, warm, versatile down jacket is required in a winter wardrobe. It is important to choose an option that will be appropriate in a busy schedule of movement around the city, and on a relaxing holiday in the Alps. This is exactly what the brand JEALOUSY has. Not too long and not too short, not very artsy, but with a catchy accent in the form of a belt with a large ring, in a win-win black, but with a scattering of white peas that give mood. In general, a perfect model for any winter resort. Or to make winter seem like a resort at home.

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