Jessica Simpson found an alternative to Botox: “It’s important for me to keep facial expressions”



Jessica Simpson

40-year-old Jessica Simpson knows a lot about how to stay in shape. The singer and actress quickly recovered after three pregnancies, regained her usual weight and looked so that others had the impression that she was not changing. In a recent interview, she shared her skin care secret, and immediately admitted that she rejects Botox.

According to Simpson, it is especially important for her to maintain facial expressions so that there are no barriers to the free expression of emotions. For this reason, Jessica is wary of Botox. But she trusts light therapy – she especially likes the red light as a prevention of premature skin aging.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica SimpsonI turned 40 not so long ago, so you need to take care of your skin. I don’t want to choose Botox, because I like my facial expressions, those facial expressions that make me who I really am. I understand everything about botox, but if I can just use red light, it’s better. I believe in him. When I lie under a red lamp, a meditative state arises – you listen to music or a podcast and think that you are becoming Benjamin Button (the character of the movie “The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button”, who is getting younger. – Ed.), Jessica said.

Jessica Simpson with her husband Eric Johnson
Jessica Simpson with her husband Eric Johnson

Earlier, she said that she had skin problems since childhood: the singer has been struggling with eczema all her life.
I am always open about my reasons for being insecure. And I believe there are ways to gain self-confidence. I have eczema since childhood. At school, they often asked questions about my hands, – said Simpson.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

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