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Jessica Biel changed her image

Jessica Biel

38-year-old Jessica Biel began the new year with a change in appearance – the star decided to make a square. The actress shared the result of her beauty transformation on Instagram.

Bill did her haircut not so much of her own free will (although, judging by the smile on her face, she herself likes the new image), but for the sake of work – the actress starred in the Limetown TV series, where her heroine appears with short hair. In the show, Jessica plays a journalist who investigates the reason for the sudden disappearance of 300 missing people from the Limetown research community. And now, apparently, Beale is ready to start filming the second season.

Jessica Biel in the series "Limetown"
Jessica Biel in the TV series Limetown

Jessica Biel

It is not the first time that Bill goes to experiment with appearance for the sake of filming a movie. And every time she does it easily and without regret. Beal and her fans love the beauty transformations. They noted that with the new hairstyle, she even began to look younger.

Do you like the new look of Jessica?

Jessica Biel


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