Inspiration by TV shows: velvet dresses from Ukrainian brands

Julia GurskajaJulia Gurskaja

In the season of New Year's parties, the main thing is to have time to prepare gifts for friends and relatives, and also to choose a festive dress for which you will not be ashamed in the following years when viewing old photos. A win-win option is a dress made of both velvet and classic now trendy, which will always look brighter and more spectacular against the others. Where to get it? We chose the best holiday options from Ukrainian brands, drawing inspiration from the heroes of the most stylish series of recent years.


In a short asymmetrical dress from Jealousy with a naked shoulder, you will look like a queen at any social party. Its main advantage is a gentle powdery shade that will suit lovers of Scandinavian minimalism, but it will not necessarily symbolize the naivety and infantility of its owner. In pink dresses, girls with a character can hide, such as, for example, the fearless heroines of the series “The Scream Queen”.

Inspiration: The Scream Queen

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If you still prefer not to hide your dark side and emphasize it with rich, and even slightly gothic shades of the wardrobe, then the purple Grass dress is perfect for you. Restrained, but seductive, hiding more than one secret under a knot tied to a smell, it will add mystery to you – just like the heroine Veronica Lodge from the brightest adaptation of the comics of the last season – the series Riverdale.

Inspiration: Riverdale Series

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Nika Medisan

For even more daring girls who are not afraid to show courage in their actions, words and style, a black velvet dress from Nika Medisan is created. Despite the fact that its hem is decorated with ruffles and a bow at the side of the waist, it’s hard to imagine a more dramatic outfit for girls who prefer a rebellious spirit in their image and lifestyle – as employees of the modern gloss from the series “Bold”.

Inspiration: “Bold”

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It is generally accepted that French women clearly know something more about style than residents of other countries. Perhaps the point is in the history of fashion, which was born in Paris earlier than anywhere else. In any case, today French women use decades-old formulas of stunning images, such as a red dress combined with red lipstick, and nothing more. And we take an example from them, learning fashionable lessons from the series “Collection”, talking about the ups and downs of the Parisian fashion house of the post-war period.

Inspiration: Collection Series

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Lesia semi

For those tired of the classics, dresses for space images have the brand Lesia Semi. Pink velvet, a long sleeve, a collar and geometric decor in the front leave a lasting impression of the fantasy world princess. So if on New Year's day you received an invitation to a party in the style of “Game of Thrones”, then you can quite interpret the dress as an outfit of modern Khalisi.

Inspiration: Game of Thrones Series

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Julia Gurskaja

In search of a truly original outfit, in which at the New Year's party you will not have something in common with images, you can try on more than one fashionable showroom. But, fortunately, we did all the work for you, and found one of the most unusual solutions for the Julia Gurskaja brand. A quilted midi-length sundress with decorative fur and handmade elements resembles doll outfits with a retro touch for girls who don’t chase modern trends, sometimes erasing the gender line. And they are betting on the femininity of flawless brides in the spirit of the 50s, like the heroine Lemon Briland from the series “Dixie's Heart”.

Inspiration: Dixie's Heart Series

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Yuliya magdych

In temperamental Spain, the golden age of fashion fell on the 60s, and despite the fact that Madrid is not one of the four major world fashion capitals, ateliers and fashion houses, which laid the foundation for their modern fashion, worked there like Paris, too. DNA. Expensive fabrics, rich finishes, embroidery and jewelry – these are the components of Spanish luxury, which can be seen in the series "Velvet". In accordance with this style, you can find an authentic velvet dressing gown from the brand Yuliya Magdych.

Inspiration: Velvet Series

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Natasha Fishchenko

Another piece of femininity of that time was sheath dresses, which became an encyclopedia of the 60s style, which did not immediately become “swinging” on Madison Avenue, as in London. “Women should be feminine, men should be courageous,” Jenny Bryant, costume designer for the series “Mad Men,” gave such a description of the fashion era. And if you agree with her, then the perfect sheath dress from wine-colored velvet and removable sleeves awaits you at Natasha Fishchenko.

Inspiration: Mad Men TV Series

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Nastasia klimt

If the fashion for luxury was born in the 60s, the rebellious 70s started the fashion for frankness. Mini dresses of a flared silhouette of pastel and bright shades of candies are a great example of this. A modern variation on the wardrobe, reminiscent of a rebellious decade, can be found on the Nastasia Klimt brand. And let neither ruffles nor an infantile lilac shade confuse you – the heroines of the series “Riot of Good Girls” made a real feminist revolution in their time, forcing them to take themselves seriously, regardless of clothing.

Inspiration: The Riot of the Good Girls TV Series

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