In anticipation of Valentine's Day: stylish linen that should be added to the wishlist

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Two weeks are left before Valentine's Day, which means that it is time to plan the most romantic evening of the year. No matter how you decide to spend Valentine's Day – in a restaurant, a country house or a romantic trip – on this day you will want to look irresistible. And before choosing the “same” dress, you need to think through the details. Let's start with the laundry!


The Ukrainian brand with the name Pun (Lace in English means “lacing”, and Lace up! – “lace up!”) Offers three lines of linen: casual, black and wedding. All models are made manually from one hundred percent cotton. And in the new collection semiprecious stones are also used.

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Calvin klein

A true classic: samples of the underwear of this American brand can be seen in the movies and on the covers of fashion magazines. The emphasis here is on comfort rather than sophistication. But this does not deprive the linen of elegance.

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Underwear of this brand is a real dream of any connoisseur of more frank models. Translucent tulle is often used here. Almost weightless sets are made with a minimum amount of elastic materials.

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Agent Provocateur

One of the most popular underwear brands in our time. Lacy and more stringent options with a reference to the classics were created by the best experts especially for Valentine's Day.

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Where to find:, Agent Provocateur, Kiev


This company became famous in the 19th century and has since been an example of French chic. The visiting card is the Kale bone, by which everyone recognizes this brand.


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Lise charmel

From the designers of this brand, known throughout the world, every year they expect some kind of surprise. And they do not fail, offering unique and original patterns of underwear that surprise with their bold design.


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Ukrainian brand, founded in 2014, but has already gained popularity. The company has two lines: knitted casual underwear and sensual, for special occasions. The brand has its own studio where you can try on underwear and order your model.


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River island

In the collections of the famous brand there are not only casual underwear, but also lace. Baroque, slightly artsy style is great for special days.

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Zhilyova Lingerie

Brand designer Valeria Zhilyeva uses only the highest quality materials in her models – mainly lace from Italy and France. So this erotic lingerie with push-up and without is obtained.

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Por moi

The name of this brand is translated from French as "For me." Without a doubt, among the stylish and original sets, body and individual elements, you can choose something for yourself and your beloved.


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Designers of this brand prefer ladies with curvaceous shapes. It is for them that models with a large neckline and balconies are made.


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Tommy hilfiger

If you are not a fan of nets and lace, then it's time to pay attention to the linen of this brand that has already become classic. Here, comfort in everyday wear is preferred. And, of course, the impeccable quality of the material.

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This brand was created in Sweden in 2006 especially for young girls. At one time, designers decided to become "closer to people" and released a collection catalog with photos of models in natural images, without retouching. However, from this decision the beauty and style of the collection itself became only more apparent.

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Favorite underwear

The authors of the collections of this Ukrainian brand prefer silk and lace as materials, creating truly erotic lingerie. You can watch it in the showrooms "Pulp" and "Apartment 31".


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Weird bird brand

The English name of this domestic brand refers to the image of an independent and free, like a bird, woman. Authors create push-up models. An interesting point: you yourself can become a model – the store organizes photo sessions for its customers.


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The highlight of this brand is velvet sets. And although there are more familiar options in the collections, it is on this material that you should pay special attention.

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Heidi klum intimates

Truly feminine and delicate models of this world famous brand are perfect for a romantic evening. The pastel colors that designers use in their models give the image a special grace.

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Founding their brand in 2013, Elizaveta Matyushenko and Ekaterina Zmievskaya decided not to sew black underwear and still adhere to this rule. One more rule: this is underwear from high-quality European knitwear for girls with magnificent breasts.

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The true English quality of this brand is time-tested: it was created more than a century ago. The authors meticulously develop each model, thinking over the finest details: by the way, there can be as many as 50 in one bra!


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