Ilya Chichkan, Ksenia Efremova and Victoria Yakusheva on how to have fun at a boring party

Each of us, for sure, more than once came to a boring event, which for various reasons was embarrassing to leave immediately. Finding yourself in the epicenter of discussing the recipe for radiculitis ointment at the birthday of a fourth cousin of a stepdaughter, unnaturally laughing at the flat jokes of a boss at a New Year's corporate party or listening to a plan for the development of a company of potentially important partners for the next 50 years, you feel like a wild beast cornered. But the editors 23-59 are convinced that, being in such a situation, it is not at all necessary to suffer silently and curse fate, each of us is able to take control of our own mood and have fun at any, even the most deadly boring event. How to do this, we decided to learn from people who are versed in interesting leisure, like no other. Today, Ilya Chichkan, an artist known not only for creativity, but also for his amusing antics at social events, shares his secrets of how to have fun at a boring party; co-owner of the event agency "Same", a real blonde and a person-holiday in one person – Ksenia Efremova; and one of the best event organizers in Kiev is the owner of PRavCOM PRIVCOM Communications Victoria Yakusheva.

Ksenia Efremova

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1. No one is obliged to amuse you, find an interlocutor and go ahead, discuss everything in the world. If the party has more than three people, then an interesting subject will certainly be found.

2. Even if nothing happens, look around and think about what you can do. A little creativity and any party can turn into a fascinating action.

3. There is never a lot of sparkling wine!

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4. If no one is dancing, start first. In less than five minutes, other people who would be embarrassed to be “pioneers” will join you.

5. You won’t entertain yourself, no one will entertain you, so you don’t have to shift the responsibility to others. Act!

Victoria Yakusheva

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1. In fact, a boring party can have several different reasons. For example, the first is your personal mood in the evening. If it is "not so hot", but you are already at a party, you need to start from the bar. After life has sparkled with bright colors of several cocktails, any event becomes more fun.

2. The company of friends and acquaintances who have approached is already a whole social program. While the traditional ritual of kisses and hugs, compliments and news exchange, posing for photographers takes place – you are already in full positive. Only you need to enjoy communication sincerely, then the party is not boring.

3. If colleagues or partners made an appointment at this very dull party, and before they arrive, they’re nowhere, and they themselves are delayed, sending messages with sad emoticons and promising to be any minute. You can try to observe everyone as if from the outside, listening to conversations, noticing a lot of things that you do not pay attention to in everyday life. Put these observations "in a piggy bank", someday they will come in handy.

4. Another option on how to turn a boring party into pleasure is to take everything into your own hands. It works out well for me when the evening is not very massive and I respect the organizers or the hero of the occasion.

5. Well, and most importantly, nevertheless, in advance to find out how interesting the event will be. And if nevertheless you are caught, a sense of humor always saves. As they say, if you can’t change anything, relax and have fun!

Ilya Chichkan

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1. The first rule of any party is not to complex and let go of yourself.

2. It is important to be in close contact with spirits and demons, these guys will never fail and will always amuse.

3. Do not forget about ghosts, hunting for them will brighten up any evening.

4. Aliens on “cables” are also best friends at a party.

5. If none of the above helps, I advise you to read “Our Father”.

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