Hyugge principle: how to make life more comfortable in the summer?

The Danish Hyugge philosophy, which implies homeliness, joy in the little things, peace and inner harmony, became the main trend of 2017, going far beyond the borders of the Scandinavian countries. Over the past year alone, as many as 9 books on the concept of “hugg” have been published, the demand for which has arisen among residents of large European cities. In today's crazy rhythm of life, where we are always waiting for unanswered letters and calls, postponed meetings and postponed business, we just need to learn how to relax and enjoy the little joys of life.

Since the concept of hugg is inherent in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland – countries with harsh cold climates, hugge is most often associated with plaids, knitted socks, candles and a cup of cocoa. But how to live in the hugg style in the summer? We tried to sort out the issue.


Sunlight is the most valuable thing that summer gives us. But we rarely manage to use it because of the need to spend all the time in the office and at working meetings, as well as at the computer in our own home. Therefore, take one day off to make a small change in your home, putting in more light. To do this, it is not necessary to start repairs – it is enough to update the interior with several bright details: bedding, a bedspread for a sofa, a rug, pillows for chairs, covers for chairs, decorative table napkins.

It would also be nice to move your workplace closer to the window – whether it be a desk, a small coffee table or just a comfortable chair where you are used to sitting with a laptop. Another simple way to add summer freshness to the house is to decorate it with bouquets of flowers that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on – you can collect them in the country or grow on your own balcony.

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Hyugge is not about things, but about emotions. Therefore, in order to enjoy food, it is important not so much what you eat as how you do it. To start the day with the right attitude, treat yourself to breakfast in bed. If in the summer you have the opportunity to get to the cottage or in a country house, do not be lazy to set up a dining table there on the street or terrace, where the usual meal turns into a family holiday.

If you still stayed in the city, you can still sometimes find time to get out on a picnic – in a forest, park or the nearest city beach. Also, summer is an ideal time to have a romantic dinner on the roof or just on the balcony. Nothing special is needed for this – chairs with soft pillows, a glass of wine, a dish with snacks and a good mood.

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The hugge trend is most popular in the interior, home decor and all sorts of cute little things for arranging everyday life. But you can talk about hugg also when it comes to fashion. Relaxed and comfortable things in which you everywhere feel at home – this is exactly the hyugge style.

So, for example, fashion blogger Larisa Bruin defines oversized thin knitwear, loose trousers, tunic dresses, textile and fur slippers that became a hit of the season, pajamas are still favorites of lazy wardrobe, as well as bathrobes and summer raincoats borrowed from a home wardrobe, but managed to win the hearts of fashionistas.

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Incredibly, the trend of hugge has reached the beauty sphere, for example, it is popular in hair coloring. American stylist Riana Capri, who is responsible for the hairstyles of Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough, says that hugg in color implies calm warm shades, sun glare, golden, bronze and caramel tones – no platinum and sharp contrasts!



Since the hyugge promotes relaxation, relaxation from the busy rhythm of life, the flow of people, some solitude or relaxation in a narrow circle of close people, it’s good to arrange home cinema screenings for pizza in the summer, gather friends on a barbecue in the courtyard of the house, and go on a trip with your loved one on a trailer.

Or you can successfully spend your rest in the hugg style with you: a bike ride is a very hugg, as is reading a book in the morning at the nearest lake, which only requires a blanket, a cup of coffee with a croissant and suitable literature.

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