How to fall in love with winter: design your fur loafers with Cocorico

Modern girls are revising their stern views on cold weather and snowy roads outside the window, and the general fashion to fly away for the winter to warm countries is gradually losing its relevance. The thing is that experiencing cold in megacities has become comfortable and even romantic: convenient infrastructure in the cities, hospitable establishments and a wide menu of hot drinks, heated seats in cars and, of course, warm and cozy winter clothes and shoes, which are not too lazy to walk in December and which looks photogenic on instagram.

Just such shoes are created by the Ukrainian niche brand Cocorico, in the arsenal of which are handmade ballet flats and loafers. The company was founded in 2016 and during its existence managed to raise money for the development of Ukrainian art by launching a limited charity collection, releasing a collection of shoes with embroidery based on drawings by the artist Sasha Zhumaylova. And also to collaborate with well-known Ukrainian designers, including, for example, the best designer of the year according to Best Fashion Awards Artem Klimchuk.

Among other achievements of Cocorico is that they were the first to fall in love with Ukrainian fashionistas in comfortable shoes with fur. Now, girls choose such an insulated version of ballet shoes and loafers even in winter, putting them on for work, in a restaurant, for a walk with children or shopping, and most importantly – on a plane. “As it turned out, these are the most comfortable travel shoes. When in Kiev minus 10, and in Paris plus 15 – there is nothing more convenient, ”says Alyona Klimenko, brand founder.

This season, the brand, following the global trend of customization, offers girls to pick up a truly unique and ideal pair of shoes for themselves, creating their own design. If you think that this is too complicated a process, we hasten to assure you – the opportunity to make your own exclusive and unique pair of loafers without spending a lot of time on this. To do this, just select the desired material (leather, suede, satin, velvet), the color of the upper part of the loafers and the color of the natural fur inside. You can also pick up contrasting braid, brushes of any shade, as well as complement the pair with embroidery or initials. In a word, you can feel like a real shoe designer!

“We are always very sensitive to all the wishes and fantasies of our clients. Sometimes it turns out so cool that these couples get the largest number of likes on social networks, ”says Alena.

All shoes are sewn by hand. And as the materials used are genuine leather, suede and natural fur, which are delivered from Italy. An important point – each of you will be able to accurately find your size. The size grid varies from 34 to 41.

The brand does not work on an industrial scale, so it takes 10 days to complete an order. However, if you are not ready to wait long, you can purchase a ready-made pair in the show room.

The cost of loafers from 3090 UAH. New Year discounts are now in effect.

Where to find: Kiev, st. Kozhemyatskaya, 12-G

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