Hide-and-seek from the sun: how a rashgard swimsuit became the trend of summer

When it comes to closed sleeves, strict images for the office, formal events, royal receptions, religious ceremonies or, in extreme cases, acquaintance with the boyfriend's parents, immediately come to mind. But this summer, the long sleeve has become a trend on the beach. We understand how it happened and where the legs grow.

For years, bathing and beachwear has been inspired by the past decades. This season, the reference became the 70s with their indulgent fashion for surfing and diving aesthetics, where the rashgard swimsuit took a special place.

How come?

Rashgard (rush guard – translated as "protection against sweat and rashes") is a training shirt with a long sleeve, tight to the body and made of special materials.

Rashgards, like all fashionable clothes, appeared in highly specialized circles as a kind of a certain uniform. There are several stories of its appearance and "homeland". One of them says that compression underwear, it’s also rashgrad, appeared thanks to Brazilian wrestlers, who liked to compete in the sand right on the beach. To do this, they used the equipment of scuba divers, which protected the body from abrasions and scratches. The first appearance of the rashgard is also attributed to Under Armor, which produced a model for professional American football players. Then the body-fitting long sleeve T-shirts kept the heat exchange, allowed to quickly remove the sweat and keep the muscles in good shape throughout the workout.

And in the late 80s rashgards in large quantities appeared on the beaches of Australia as clothing for surfers and divers. It was by muscle-fitting T-shirts that athletes could be recognized from afar, and many so wanted to imitate them.

Today in the circles of mods “rashgard” is called “fashgard”, raising its status with the prefix “fashion”. And the influenzaers themselves gave retro-clothing a new breath for precisely the same reasons that it basically appeared: heat exchange, protection from the sun, burns, wind, injuries, rashes and all skin infections. And also the desire to join the sports community played an important role, given the new wave of water sports, which swept over the inhabitants of megalopolises in the struggle for a healthy lifestyle.

Where to order

Modern rashgarde swimsuits can be with short sleeves, in the format of a separate or one-piece swimsuit, with or without a zipper. In any case, they can be an alternative to the usual bikini, especially when traveling, where rashchards can be worn not only on the beach, but also in the city. For example, combining it with shorts, pants or a skirt. We look where to order the brightest options.


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