Healthy sleep, oatmeal on the water and regular exercise: what helps Nastya Kamenskikh stay in shape

Among the subscribers of 33-year-old Nastya Kamensky are not only fans of her work, but also adherents of a healthy lifestyle. After all, the star actively promotes it and, by his example, shows what needs to be done to be in shape, always wake up in a good mood and feel cheerful. Nastya regularly shares her daily rituals and beauty secrets on social networks. Let’s talk about the most important ones.


one. Elbow plank

Place your elbows on the floor like a sphinx and pull your body straight. Keep your whole body tense and level. Pull in your bottom and stomach and do not arch your lower back. Do three circles for 30 seconds. This exercise works wonders!

– says Kamenskikh.

Nastya Kamenskikh

2. Wide-arm push-ups

Start push-ups from your knees if it’s still difficult for you to do it in the classic way. Place your arms wide and lower your body as low as possible. You will feel how not only your arms are tightened, but also your chest and abs. Start with two sets of 10-15 reps,

– advises the star.

Nastya Kamenskikh

3. Wall squats

Lean your back firmly against the wall and squat to parallel hips with the floor. The knee angle should be 90 degrees. Fold your hands in front of you. Hold this position for 30 seconds. First, do two approaches five times,

– says Nastya.

Nastya Kamenskikh

4. Swing your legs

There are several videos with Nastya’s workouts on YouTube, where she herself shows how to perform certain exercises.

5. Run

Nastya does not neglect cardio workouts either and regularly goes for a run. She prefers to run in the morning – it helps her wake up and get a charge for the whole day.

Nastya Kamensky with her husband Potap
Nastya Kamensky with her husband Potap


one. The main thing is breakfast

Nastya believes that breakfast is the most important meal that should not be skipped.

In the morning I always eat solid and balanced,

– she notes.

Nastya Kamenskikh

Nastya prefers breakfast with oatmeal in water with apple and nuts or granola with goat yogurt.

Nastya Kamenskikh

She usually snacks on an omelet with avocado and herbs. For lunch he prefers something proteinaceous (chicken, beef, fish or seafood) with a side dish and a vegetable salad. For dinner, she eats a bird or fish with vegetables, and her last meal consists of cottage cheese.

Nastya Kamenskikh

2. No gadgets during meals

Many of us regularly flip through our Instagram feed for lunch or dinner, or eat while watching a movie. But Kamenskikh strongly advises to refuse this.

I never eat while watching a movie / TV series or while reading. And I generally don’t pick up the phone while I’m eating. After all, when we are distracted by something in the process of eating, it is very easy for us not to notice that we are overeating,

– she notes.

Nastya Kamenskikh

3. Fractional nutrition

Nastya eats often, but in small portions. The break between her meals is three hours.

This is how a food habit is developed, and this affects the metabolic rate,

She says.

Nastya Kamenskikh

4. Instead of sweets – fruits

Much has been said about the dangers of sugar. But if you cannot refuse it at all, it is better to eat not sweets, but fruits or berries.

There are no bowls of candy or cookies in my house. Only fruits, berries and nuts. So there is no temptation to eat something harmful. This rule is violated only with the arrival of guests – then bowls with sweets appear in the house,

– Nastya shares.

Nastya Kamenskikh

5. Water balance

Adequate water intake helps the star not to overeat. In addition to her, she allows herself another mug of coffee and tea a day.

Nastya Kamenskikh

6. Cheat meal

Of course, the singer sometimes indulges herself with not the most healthy dishes and even allows sweets. The main thing is not to frequent and maintain a balance in everything.

Nastya Kamenskikh

Beauty secrets

one. Healthy sleep

Nastya is not one of those who sleeps until lunchtime. Her day starts early – at 6 am. At the same time, she tries to lie down at a maximum of 10 pm.

It is at this time that the sleep hormone is produced, which helps us look good, prolong youth and fight stress,

– she notes.

Nastya Kamenskikh

2. Limited fluid intake in the evening

We all know about the importance of water balance. Kamenskikh also observes it, but he drinks his water norm until four o’clock in the afternoon, so that in the morning there is no swelling on his face.

Nastya Kamenskikh

3. Facial massage

In the mornings, the singer always finds time for a light facial massage, after which, according to her, it immediately “wakes up”.

Nastya Kamenskikh

4. Humidity in the room

Kamenskikh notes that heating makes the air dry, which, accordingly, dries the skin. Therefore, she advises using humidifiers.

Nastya Kamenskikh

5. Fresh air

Nastya believes that the room should be cool and dark before going to bed.

Nastya Kamenskikh

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