Hand massager, chocolate candle, winter scents and other beauty novelties

Christy Turlington

A hand massager, a candle scented with chocolate chip cookies, eau de parfum, inspired by London, eye foundation with vitamins, liquid matte lipstick – we’ll tell you about all the fun in our review of beauty novelties.

Hand massager Marutaka Hand (14 800 rub.)

The massager, similar to the superhero alien gadget from the Marvel series, is the perfect companion for home spa treatments. The technique of acupuncture massage is more than one hundred years old, it is successfully used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. A whole team of rheumatologists and neurologists worked on the Marutaka Hand.

The novelty works according to the principles of the ancient Japanese technique “shiatsu”. You launch your hands inside the gadget, and they seem to be pleasantly squeezed and affected by needles at the right points. According to the developers, this massage helps relieve pain and fatigue, relieves swelling, activates blood circulation and restores joint mobility.

All devices in the series are lightweight, compact and easy to use. You can set the desired intensity of exposure and temperature mode yourself. You can focus on the recommendations in the instructions and on your feelings. The device is charged from USB, like a phone, and works without a cord.

Serum Ultramoisturizing Face Serum, Matromi (5 900 rubles)

The Russian brand Matromi specializes in serums with the most natural composition. There are several ampoules to choose from: Ultra Moisturizing with panthenol and rose hydrolate, Pearly Brightening with camellia, lime and hypoxis extracts, Bio Revitalizing with barley phytoestrogen and ginseng extract, Lifting with kelp and Regenerating Oil with resveratrol and avocado, anise, hemp oils.

They are called “beauty concentrates” for a reason. The fact is that in serums, unlike conventional creams, the active ingredients are presented in maximum concentration.

In sets of 10 ampoules of two milliliters. The serum can be used as an independent product, or you can mix it with your favorite cream, soak a tissue mask, or combine it with hardware techniques.

Interior candle “Chocolate cookies”, SmoRodina (1 690 rubles)

A Choco Crispy scented candle with the cozy aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a cup of ground coffee will help create a New Year’s atmosphere at home (and awaken your appetite).

Eau de parfum Saffron Wood / 91, Parle Moi de Parfum (16 750 rubles)

For those who are not familiar with the brand, we will tell you. Parle Moi de Parfum fragrances are a project of the famous perfumery family Almayrac. The number in the name of each composition indicates the number of formulas that perfumers have tried in search of the desired harmony, and the logo is made in the form of a fan of blotters. This month’s novelty is dedicated to London.

She is inspired by the wet mist that colors the gray cobblestones of Soho, and the restaurants where the aromas of spices mix with expensive perfume. Saffron Wood / 91 itself is woven from notes of saffron, cedar and rose.

Base for eyes Vitamin Enriched Eye Base, Bobbi Brown (4 250 rubles)

Bobbi Brown Moisturizer and Primer has now been released specifically for the eyes. Vitamin-Enriched Eye Base simultaneously moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes the skin and prepares it for make-up.

Essentially, it replaces eye creams and a primer that forms the basis for applying concealer. It contains sodium hyaluronate, a shock dose of vitamins, nutrients and shea butter. It’s a pity, there are only 15 milliliters in the jar.

Men’s fragrance Man Glacial Essence, Bvlgari (8 100 rubles)

To present the new fragrance Man Glacial Essence, Bvlgari chose an unusual solution – he invited bloggers on a cool journey through virtual reality. The brand’s experts have recreated a separate universe using a VR system. Using joysticks, the guests walked along the glacier and climbed the slopes with ice axes.

Alberto Morillas made Man Glacial Essence as fresh as endless mountain glaciers. It is woven from the essence of juniper berries, ginger and geranium. In the base there is a thick aroma of sandalwood, iris root and herbaceous shades of wormwood, and the trail of musk, leather and cedar is like an avalanche.

Liquid matte lipstick Rouge Velvet Ink, Bourjois (830 rubles)

This lipstick by beauty technologists is not in vain compared to a tattoo – it is unrealistically persistent! Rouge Velvet Ink is water resistant, does not tarnish for 24 hours and does not leave marks on the medical mask thanks to its highly pigmented formula.

The melting texture makes it easy to apply in one go thanks to the well-designed applicator. The palette contains eight shades.

Advent calendar Arcaya (RUB 7,990)

Inside this cute Advent calendar is a whole collection of 24 serums. Every day, a new ampoule! Inside – products for moisturizing, radiance, lifting effect, cell regeneration and skin nutrition. It is made by analogy with the Babor calendar, which we have already talked about. There are four ampoules of Hyaluron Plus, Platinum, Vitamin C, Best Cavier, Glow2Go and Beauty Sleep.

You need to apply the contents of the ampoule in the morning and (or) in the evening on the previously cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté. If necessary, you can apply a cream for your skin type over the serum.

Anti-aging products from the Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift series, Biotherm (from 6 441 rubles)

The new Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift collection for firmer skin includes three firming products with a lifting effect: day and night creams and a cream for dry skin. The line is based on red algae and a peptide collagen fraction, a component that improves skin tone and fights wrinkles.

Brand experts recommend using the products for women over 40 years old, since the main purpose of the series is an anti-aging effect.

The skin is 80% collagen, and after 25 years we lose 1% every year. This process is accelerated by many factors (UV radiation, air pollution, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet). Biotherm experts are confident that the premature aging process can be stopped.

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