Gastronomic hit – Millennial Pink Food

The most delicate beige-pink color of Millennial Pink is one of the most discussed in 2017. Leading brands, fashion designers, developers, designers and, of course, culinary experts are inspired by him. Who will miss the opportunity to impress the audience and increase the number of subscribers?

The fact that the pink gamut this year helps to sell almost any product does not even need to be confirmed by any numbers. But if you are still interested in statistics, then, according to Pinterest, the number of requests for pink this year has grown by a record 2400% compared to 2016.

Modern trends do not bypass cooking either, because food is one of the most popular topics on Instagram. Rosomania has spread not only to desserts (is it possible to surprise someone with pasta and pink lat from Starbucks?). Here are the most unusual dishes and products of the Millenial Pink color that have surprised us lately:

Rose Pineapples

They were invented and raised by fruit suppliers from Costa Rica. The manufacturer Del Monte notes that they managed to achieve this color by hybridization and the addition of the pigment lycopene, which determines the red color of the tomatoes.

Watermelon radish

The perfect complement to a salad in the hottest season.


How to make a familiar dish more trendy? – Add a glass of rose to it. The ingredients for this masterpiece are simple – pasta, oil, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, parmesan, salt, pepper and a glass of rose wine.

Sakura mcfloat

McDonald’s did not stand aside from the mega-trend, releasing pink lemonade with vanilla ice cream for Japan.


A bar of chocolate with rose petals is the cutest sweet you can afford for $ 9.95.


Petals of the same colors came in handy here, giving green tea a delicate color and aroma.

Frozen Rose

Summer has almost ended, but for those who are still planning a trip to the warmer climes, we highly recommend trying this treat instead of the usual popsicle.

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