Feathers, brooches and shells: unusual wedding bouquets for creative brides

The bride’s bouquet is an important detail of the wedding image and a separate character in the solemn photo report. The flower arrangement on the wedding day should be in harmony with the image of the bride, as well as with the general style of the holiday, its color scheme and decor. It is especially difficult to choose a suitable floral accessory for those girls who do not have a wedding in a traditional style, choose unusual wedding dresses that require a creative solution and in detail. But we know how to facilitate this task, and we are ready to offer alternative bridal bouquets that will not only make your image unique, but will also remain a tremulous memory in your home.

Bouquet of feathers

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If you are preparing for a wedding in the style of bohemian chic, then a prim bouquet of roses is definitely not your option. But it can be replaced with a more original bouquet of feathers, which can be easily built independently by collecting the bright feathers of an ostrich, rooster or peacock, or by purchasing their decorative counterparts in a hardware store. A separate plus is that such a bouquet will be preserved in its original form for a long time – you can protect it as a memory or throw it to the bridesmaids, who will also keep it for years as a souvenir.

Bouquet of mushrooms

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Edible bouquets today will not surprise anyone. Nevertheless, brides who prefer non-standard solutions should consider as a decor a bouquet of mushrooms that will decorate the autumn holiday in an open green location. It just sounds a little weird. In fact, he looks very refined and restrained, and will fit a minimalistic wedding dress. If you are afraid that you will not be able to cope with such a bouquet on your own, the ingredients for it can be brought to the florist shop, where they can definitely help you.

Bouquet of cones

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Another bouquet idea for a brave bride is a bouquet of cones. It will be in perfect harmony with the wooden interior or the wooden decor of your celebration, refresh the table with a coniferous aroma and be a fresh memory for many years to come.

Bouquet of book pages

Dopis, extensions Gemma Sapp (@sappling_creations) on 10 May 2017 about 2:01 PDT

For those who are fond of origami, it will not be difficult at all to create an unbanal bouquet from book pages, supplementing it with scrabble bones. Ideal for newlywed intellectuals who, at their leisure, can make love confessions from letters, warming up the degree of feelings for each other.

Bouquet of Succulents

Dopis, Extensions Annette McGuffey (@acountryrosefl) Cher 10, 2016 about 4:29 PDT

The ubiquitous trend of 2017 has reached wedding fashion. So, succulents, which are now actively used in interior decoration, make-up and even in manicure, also look spectacular in the form of a wedding bouquet. Such a composition will be the best addition if your decor contains shades of green – by the way, also the most fashionable color of this year according to the Pantone Institute. And succulents, unlike other plants, can withstand any weather conditions – from unbearable heat to snowfall, while maintaining its “face” in its original form.

Bouquet of shells

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If you are waiting for a romantic ceremony on the beach and a beach party instead of a traditional feast, then you just need a wedding bouquet of shells. To build such a bouquet is quite simple with glue, it does not require any more details. But it can become your family amulet, which will complement the atmosphere of home comfort. Especially symbolic if it will use shells collected on your joint holiday with the groom.

Bouquet of brooches

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But for those brides who have a lot of sparkle and decor in the form of stones in their image, they can consider a artsy, but unique alternative version of a bouquet of brooches and jewelry. Ideal – if the decoration for the bouquet will be from the chest of your family jewelry, transmitted, for example, from mom and grandmother. Then such a bouquet will become a real heirloom, which you will be able to pass on to future generations.

Bouquet of herbs

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For a modest but elegant Provencal-style wedding, the bride will face a bouquet of herbs – sage, rosemary, lavender, thyme. In addition to the original appearance, such a bouquet will produce a soothing pleasant aroma. And at the end of the celebration, it can be dried and left as a keepsake in the form of home ikebana.

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