Etude in pink: is it worth wearing the color of Barbie?

sgura_201504-5 "width =" 1492 "height =" 1031 "srcset =" 1280w, https: // 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1492px) 100vw, 1492px "></p><p>Should you wear pink after growing out of a Daddy`s Little Princess T-shirt? 23-59 understands the shades of the most feminine color </p><p>Back in the 30s of the last century, on the occasion of the baby’s birthday, pink ammunition was purchased as a gift to the boy. Only in the post-war era did the gender exchange of flowers begin – girls began to dress up in pink and boys in blue. Prior to this, real ladies wore sky blue from the cradle to the venerable gray hair. And the gentlemen are pink: it is worth recalling the magnificent costumes of Robert Redfort of the Ralph Lauren autostail for the 1974 Great Gatsby. Fashion historians explain the exchange of colors by banal greed: in order to sell more children's clothing to the first post-war generation after the Second World War, industrialists “assigned” colors to children.</p><p>Over time, pink became not only a feminine color, but also a sugary girlish one. The change of attitude was brilliantly reflected back in 1957 in the classic musical about the fashion industry "Funny Muzzle". The heroine, word-for-word and gesture-to-gesture copied from Carmel Snow, editor of the American Harper`s Bazaar, after performing a number in honor of a new trend in pink under the eloquent name Think Pink with everyday prose and obvious facial expressions, explains to the employees that she herself such a color will never be worn for anything.</p><p>There was a lot going on with the pink color before becoming Barbie's corporate color. In memory of the Nazis obliging homosexuals to wear pink blindfolds, sex workers later invented the term for the extreme nudity of Showing the Pink. At the same time, Jacqueline Kennedy wore pink beautifully. In a suit similar to Chanel (the booked wool, buttons and trim were delivered from the Chanel Paris atelier, the suit itself was sewn in the New York atelier Chez Ninon) of delicate pink color she was dressed on the very day when she rushed to collect scattered on the hood of the car the brains of his President – after the Dalass shot in 1963.</p><p>The Queen of England also wears pink and, for her total-looks of pastel tones, gets it in every sense – someone considers this a cute example of conservative dressing, and someone writes it to the lists of poorly dressed people on the planet. Grace Kelly in the movie “In case of murder, type“ M ”showed how to look like a detached elegant queen of snow in light pink on a white lining. Not at all Lolita!</p><p><img class=Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

However, for a short time belonging to the female world, pink gained more haters than Ksenia Sobchak's Facebook profile. According to an analysis published by Harvard Business Review in 2011, most women hate pink. Really, who likes the world of Barbie? No matter how funny, to men. According to sales statistics of, the largest online household goods store, pink toothbrushes and other pink devices are purchased by men for a gift before Mother's Day, February 14 and Christmas.

I am glad that designers are increasingly turning to this color and rehabilitating it in every possible way in the harsh eyes of fashion. Raf Simons started when he was still making collections for Jil Sander. In the last, before leaving for Dior, the fall-winter 2012 season, he showed an amazing series of voluminous color coats, among which pale pink on a white lining stood out. Since then, monophonic pink coats are increasingly beginning to be found on city streets. And buyers of leading stores do not hesitate to claim that pastel shades of pink are suitable for all skin tones. The owner of Tod`s Diego della Valle, who decided to revive the House of Schiaparelli, helped to raise the radical shade of pink. All at once remembered that the shade of pink, close to fuchsia, the designer called Shocking Pink, and he goes insanely extravagant and elegant outfits.

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