Do not miss the moment: the most anticipated collaboration of the autumn-winter season, things of which everyone wants

Do you remember that only two months are left before the start of the New Year holidays? This is to say that it is time now to think about gifts for loved ones and, of course, for our beloved. In order not to run around in the bustle of shopping later and not to wool online stores where all the best will be sold out. We suggest paying attention to the most high-profile fashion collaborations of this season, for which notorious mods are now ready to fight.

The advantage of such collections is that they are issued in a limited number and after some time will remain iconic things in the wardrobe as special objects of the collection. And collaboration is always an interesting symbiosis of brands that contain the best touches of famous designers or fashion figures. For example, we have already compiled a shopping list. Moreover, there are many services, in which case, ready to deliver purchases from foreign stores directly to your hands.


Traditionally, in November, when the Christmas spirit is already in the air, and the wishlist is filled with a list of desired gifts, the H&M brand is preparing to present its next collaboration with a new designer. This year, in cooperation with Swedish retail, which finally officially opened its doors in Ukraine, the Moschino brand became. The eccentric designer Jeremy Scott made up a large collection of things for the mass market – from sports suits and swimsuits to cropped fur coats and jackets, which, of course, does not repeat the brand's catwalk bows, but it reminds them very much. Here there are cartoon characters, and vintage denim, and leather, and golden metal details, and sequins. For example, a gold jacket pierced with chains is a thing that we advise you to put your eyes on in advance. Around the world, the start of sales of the collection starts on November 8th.

Where to buy: H&M in SkyMall shopping center


Belgian designer Dries van Noten, beloved by all labor-fashion designers, presented a small capsule collection exclusively for the MyTheresa online store – large shopping sites are not inferior to mass-market brands and offer the same beneficial cooperation where brand fans can grab their favorite item in a more accessible way than boutique location. Surprisingly, the collection, which consists of only a few units, is not yet fully sold under the seal “sold out”, and there is still the opportunity to order something significant.

For example, a cotton coat with a colorful intricate print, in which the designer’s handwriting is immediately recognized, for which everyone loves him so much.

Where to buy:


New ideas are well-forgotten old ones. 10 years ago, American designer Alexander Wang collaborated with the Japanese democratic brand Uniqlo. It's time to refresh your memory and speak again in a collaboration. This time, the designer created a collection of underwear and basic things for the brand – just that which is usually most in demand by the brand. The designer himself says: “What do you usually buy at Uniqlo? Socks, underwear and everything we wear every day. ” Therefore, the collaboration consists of technologically advanced and comfortable underwear, such as T-shirts, body suits, underpants, bras, leggings, which we feel will become the masthead of the season, replacing weather-repelled bicycles. The collection promises to go on sale at the end of this month, and prices will not exceed $ 40.

Where to buy:


Despite the reign of ugly fashion, including sneakers in the style of geeks of the 90s, progressive fashionists already understand that the boom has passed, and these sneakers need to be changed for something. The classic offered by the Converse brand is just what you need – after all, after some time, we still return to it. Designer Jonathan Anderson, who wears Converse sneakers from the school bench, agrees with this statement. And this season, he created a limited line for the brand for women and men. There you can find both calm couples, such as felt khaki sneakers, and bright patent leather models. You can buy your favorite pair right now – the main thing is to hurry, otherwise some of them will be sold right before your eyes. Not surprising, given that prices do not exceed 150 euros.

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Grace Coddington, a stylist and former editor of the fashion department of the American Vogue, took an example from Karl Lagerfeld, who made his cat Chupette a world celebrity. Now she is also actively promoting her pet. Images of the Pumpkin cat could already be seen on Balenciaga accessories and on Comme des Garcons eau de toilette bottles. That fall, Coddington performed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The pumpkin along with the dog Leon, the pet of Nicolas Gesquiere, became the main characters of the collection, which included pajamas, bags, shorts, shirts, wallets and other accessories.

The collection will go on sale in November, and we suspect that the cat bag will become the main object of desire for the New Year.

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