Dark side: black is the main trend of autumn, even in food

Throughout the summer, the gastronomic trend was colorful food in the rainbow palette of unicorn manes, but with the onset of autumn, uncompromising black again became the main color – both in clothes and on the menu. We talk about the most stylish food of the new fashion season, which gourmets around the world talk about. and shoot on Instagram.

Black rice sushi

Vegetarians and fans of a healthy diet who don’t eat sushi because of their fish, sugar and, in general, a large number of calories, have found an alternative – black rice vegetable rolls. This snack has more fiber, as well as antioxidants, which are responsible for the health, shape and condition of the skin, eliminating minor flaws and wrinkles. In addition, such rolls are quite simple to prepare even at home.

Black ravioli

Pasta and ravioli painted with cuttlefish ink are not new in the restaurant menu, but now they are experiencing another wave of popularity. The thing is in their sophistication and, of course, photogenicity. After all, let's be honest, food that looks spectacular in the photo always gets a higher rating in the list of preferences.

Black latte

Last spring, black latte, which became the favorite drink of it-girls all over the world, came into fashion along with fashion for feathers and elegant slippers. In addition to its unusual appearance, the drink won the hearts and stomachs of fashionistas thanks to its beneficial properties. The fact is that there is not a drop of caffeine in this latte, but there is activated carbon, which just gives the drink a dramatic hue. As fans of healthy lifestyle assure, such coffee improves digestion, cleanses the body of toxins, making the skin healthy and radiant.

Black lemonade

Another recent food trend is black lemonade. If it used to be fashionable to start the morning with green smoothies and freshly squeezed juices, now they are replaced by a black chilled drink based on coconut water or lemon juice with the addition of the same activated carbon. Therefore, he also received recognition not only thanks to the stylish monochrome bottles, but also the detox effect.

Where to find black food in Kiev?

Black croissant

Kiev also does not lag behind fashion trends, and offers its own options for dishes in black. For example, in the city it is not difficult to find black croissants, which finally set a new trend in the photo of breakfast in social networks, having squeezed still lifes of oatmeal with fruits and traditional coffee pastries served in the spirit of Parisian coffee houses.

Where to find: MOMO

Black pizza

If you ordered pizza in the hope of spending a cozy autumn evening with a glass of red wine, revising the “Diary of Memory” and your plans for life, but you were brought pizza on black dough – you know: no, it did not burn up and did not deteriorate. Just black pizza now – like a little black dress, can add sophistication to any dinner.

Where to find: Black Pizza

Black burger

If burgers with rosy buns are the lot of gourmets, then black burgers are the weakness of aesthetes. For a couple of years now, they have not lost their popularity as soon as they appeared in the city, because not a single girl can stand her daring appearance – even the one who swore on the food diary does not eat flour with meat and sauce.

Where to find: Crab’s burger

Black ice cream

Another food trend that conquered Instagram this summer is black ice cream, which finally appeared in our city. To create an unusual and noble color of the dessert, its creators did not use food colors, but the aforementioned charcoal, which made the treat a feast for those who follow proper nutrition, and if they eat sweets, then only from natural ingredients.

Where to find: Gourmet

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