Colorize the summer: 8 trending types of hair dyeing for the beach season

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Soft hut

One of the most popular dyeing techniques this summer is balayazh – stretching the color by a couple of tones with natural strands from dark roots to light tips, like surfers on California beaches. Experts recommend doing this procedure on unpainted hair, lightening the strands to the shade that you had in your childhood. By the way, it is possible that just these associations with children's photographs add youth and freshness to the owners of curls using the balayazh technique. Another advantage of this color is that it can be worn for several months without worrying about overgrown roots.



Sun kisses

For those who are not yet ready for too noticeable lightening, a similar to balayazh, but less cardinal staining technique is suitable, which as a result gives the effect of strands burnt out in the sun. In this version, there are much fewer light strokes – only on the top layer of hair, to which the sun “reaches” as if to slightly touch your hairstyle.

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Mermaid coloring

It seemed that the crazy trend for multi-colored hair, which swept the instagram wave last summer, would disappear as quickly as it had appeared. But it was not there! This season, he continues his procession in a slightly modified palette. Multi-colored neon locks are now limited to one saturated bright shade – blue, violet, emerald green, which falls in several tones on long curls. From muffled dark to juicy. More advantageous, such dyeing looks on dark hair.

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Unicorn mane

And among the owners of blond hair who also want to experiment with the "rainbow" gamut, the trend of "unicorn mane" is gaining popularity. This principle is based on a mix of several pastel-ash shades – from gray to lilac, which will make you look like a fairy-tale heroine, adding a little magic to the image.

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Blonde with dark roots

Admirers of boho-chic will like a hairstyle with a touch of negligence, where a bright blonde is not shy of dark roots. This trend was set by fashionistas at the Coachella festival, which, as you know, is a guide not only for the musical background of the three months of summer, but also for fashionable images of the hot beach season.

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A couple of years ago, the pink color had a controversial reputation – such as a leopard print or patent leather, which is easy to miss. But, fortunately, fashion is fleeting, and what was still considered bad taste yesterday is on the crest of recognition today. It happened with the pink color, which officially, according to the Pantone Institute, has become one of the two main shades of this season, becoming relevant not only in clothes and accessories, but even in makeup and hairstyle. So, the shade gently called "baby pink" quickly fell in love with the girls on both sides of the ocean. So, if you are not afraid of bold decisions both in life and in relation to your own appearance, pink is what you need in the near future.



The Snow Queen

If your skin does not like tan too much and gravitates to the Nordic type of appearance, when even in summer you feel like a Snow Queen, then a cold Scandinavian blond, almost snow-white, is suitable for you. The only thing that needs to be considered with such dyeing is an aggressive effect on the hair. But if your curls are able to withstand such a powerful lightening, then rest assured, it will help you melt hearts at any beach party.




Naturalness is still not out of fashion. Therefore, if you are thinking about whether to take the blonde’s path or not risk it, take a less cardinal step by trying to lighten your hair in a nude color. In other words, this is a natural monochromatic blond, in which the balance of the linen (beige) shade is perfectly maintained – it is equally warm and cold, so it will suit absolutely everyone.

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