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Weather forecasters predict the promised sun, and fashion experts on this occasion advise to get stylish sunglasses that will add mystery to the image, and at the same time they will relieve the remnants of the winter blues. We tried to find an alternative to the cool, but a little boring Ray-Ban and other obvious brands, having studied the range of online stores that offer bright accessories from Ukrainian or foreign designers. And they chose the most original of them at a reasonable price.


The Ukrainian brand Woodfarm creates frames and sunglasses made of natural wood without using any toxic substances in its processing. Therefore, brand accessories look not only stylish and unusual in comparison with plastic or metal frames, but they are also an environmentally friendly product. This spring, we chose the model of glasses Jacky for ourselves. It is these, we are sure, that Jackie Kennedy would wear if she spent weekends on a yacht and walks at the White House these days.

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Bright and funny sunglasses at affordable prices are offered by the HAPPY HOUR brand, a native of sunny California. The model with blue glasses and a yellow frame is suitable for girls who like sports, outdoor activities, cycling, skateboarding or just outdoor activities in a noisy company. For summer dates and beach parties, this is a must.

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The online street clothing store Urbanist collects in its assortment the most unusual things from young Ukrainian and foreign designers that will make your look as noticeable as the stars of street style. From the range presented in the store, glasses with pink glasses and with a pink frame (everything, as the Pantone Color Institute bequeathed) seem to us ideal for spring. The universal form will suit almost everyone, as well as the affordable price of the accessory. Therefore, today we recommend that you look at the world through pink glasses, if these are glasses from Urbanist.

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LuckyLOOK stores have the largest selection of sunglasses made in Ukraine. Since the brand specializes in hats and glasses, LuckyLOOK stores always have not only the most current glasses models, but also a stylist-consultant who will help you choose the most suitable glasses for your face style and shape. For example, we like a couple in an uncompromising black and gold frame, which immediately gives you a brave girl.

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Komono is a young Belgian brand that produces simple and comfortable, but beautiful accessories, mostly in a retro-futuristic style. The brand’s philosophy is based on freedom, which allows high fashion to take to the streets, and art to the masses. For example, the Vivien model in a round bright red frame resembles the works of pop art of the Andy Warhol era and is designed for those who are not afraid to attract attention.

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The KlassGlass showroom also offers an unusual design of handmade frames with colored lenses for those who are looking for something more authentic than the assortment in classic collections. We admit that we fell in love with glasses with a large round frame with two-tone graduated glasses. These will go well with a wide-brimmed hat in a holiday bow, or make your business image unbanal if you are still very far from vacation.

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Art for art’s sake

A London-based brand with a poetic name, Art for art’s sake, offers sunglasses for active residents of the big city. The brand relies on refined, strict geometric shapes that can be worn daily, because they will fit both the most stringent daily dress code, a small black dress, and bold outfits with ripped jeans.

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Sammy icon

The Ukrainian brand Sammy icon has become famous among fashionistas thanks to its socks with the most fun and ironic prints you can imagine. But later, to the line of its colorful details, the brand added sunglasses with a bright recognizable brand print on the arms. This accessory, like the rest of the brand’s products, is designed to cheer you up and make you smile thanks to cute little things. So such glasses are a must-have, especially in the spring-summer period.

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