Bright wires: 5 of the most unforgettable fashionable images of the passing summer

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Today, on the last day of the warm season, we recall the brightest and most powerful images of summer!

Dress or top with bare shoulders

The dominance of things that open their shoulders in the collections of the most popular world brands in the past season was truly colossal. Crop tops with frills, asymmetric blouses with cutouts on the shoulders, evening dresses that emphasize grace and fragility – now in order to expose the body in the heat, you do not need to look for unnecessary reasons and excuses. Of course, you need to wear such things with something modest and restrained: flat shoes, light trousers, midi or maxi length skirts. Do not overload look with accessories, so as not to turn it into a parody of the gypsy Aza's freestyle in the urban jungle.

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Pajamas Outside Home

Who would have thought five years ago that pajamas from there, "where she should be," will go straight to the streets of cities? Of course, from time to time such a thought appeared in fashionable minds (thanks to the gloss for this), but the spring-summer season of 2016 gave a clear green light to a new trend and we had to come to terms with the fact that common sense and fashion cannot always coexist. Fashion weeks have convinced that individual models can even compete for the top position in the wish list with designer dresses. In this case, we advise you to fork out for Dolce & Gabbana pajamas – a separate work of art that can be worn with stilettos and wide-brimmed hats, feeling like a messenger of beauty or the Sicilian muse of your favorite designers.

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Top or dress similar to linen

When we saw this incredible amount of bustiers, combinations, and petticoats for the first time several seasons ago, the first thing we thought about: “All this is very beautiful, but how to wear Jean PaulGaultier dresses with a triangular linen bust ala Madonna of the 1999 model?”

Putting such “underwear” on for a walk, you test your emancipation and ability to combine. After all, such a sophisticated thing can not be worn with anything. Openwork embroidery, elegant lace trim and even printed flowers decorated clothes in a linen style this season. A combination dress should not be worn for a business meeting – in this form it is still better to go on a date. Wearing a linen trend is generally prudent, combining it with other details of the wardrobe. Flaunting in a revealing outfit “without cover” in the morning along the street is recommended exclusively to lovers of increased attention.

Fashion Week-in-Paris-Spring-2016-Dries-Van-Noten-photo-5-e1447018806635

Dries van noten

Ethnic motives

The image of a Peruvian Indian, an African shaman, Ukrainian motifs or a bow in the spirit of “Clint Eastwood's perfect companion” – choosing an outfit based on our inner sense of self and many of us held hot festivals of music and arts on the bright side. Even those who previously doubted the correctness of such a choice, for sure, appreciated the “effect of an exploding bomb” produced by Ukrainian embroidered dresses by designer Vita Kin. From Ksenia Sobchak and Miroslava Duma to Dita von Teese and Maryna Poroshenko – in authentic outfits, each of these girls received an additional minute of fame.

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Food Prints

The summer season is a riot of colors and an abundance of fruits that must be taken not only during breakfast, but also pointedly introduced into your summer wardrobe. You don’t have to put on bananas, watermelons and pineapples from head to toe – as if you were in a hurry for the premiere of The Jungle Book, but at the last moment something went wrong. Tops with the image of watermelons, skirts with bananas, tropical sandals – all this will not only raise the degree of your mood, but also allow you to pass for at least one day as a reformer of the conservative fashion establishment.

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