Berry season: 7 ways how strawberries will make you more beautiful

Fresh strawberries have already begun to appear on the shelves of markets and supermarkets, the aroma of which, unlike the weather, reminds us of the imminent approach of summer. That's why today we decided to talk about the fact that strawberries can become not only a healthy snack in your daily menu, but also an organic beauty product that can be used in completely different ways. So open the strawberry season as soon as possible and take advantage of all its features!

Scrub against problem skin

Strawberries contain many useful acids, including the "magic" salicylic acid, which is the best ally of cosmetologists in the fight against acne and other facial imperfections. So an organic strawberry and honey scrub is a great dessert that you can enjoy yourself and treat your skin.

Anti aging mask

It is generally accepted that citrus fruits are most filled with vitamin C. But it is much more in strawberries than in oranges and grapefruits. And vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, but also fights against free radicals that destroy collagen and damage cells. So, by mixing grated strawberries with honey and cream, you get a good organic mask that prevents wrinkles.

Remedy for swollen eyelids

It is worth taking care that your eyes look good in the morning from the evening: go to bed until 23.00, and do not make it a rule to spend the night at work with a cup of coffee in your hands or even worse – at noisy parties with endless champagne. But if it so happened that the night caught you somewhere in a cheerful company with a glass of prosecco, then stock up on strawberries, which in the morning will calm your swollen eyelids better than popular patches. All that is needed is to hide a couple of berries in the freezer for about 30 minutes, and then cut them into halves, and put on eyes for 15 minutes. After this ritual, you can wash yourself with cold water, and look as if nothing had happened.

Lip scrub

In the cool and windy time of the year (which does not leave us in any way), the lips have little lipstick or gloss to look good. Strawberry scrub will help you get rid of dryness, soften your lips and add brightness to them – the easiest to prepare, in addition, with the taste of childhood. To do this, grind a couple of berries, mix them with sugar and apply on the lips for just a couple of minutes. The bonus of such a beauty product is that after the procedure you can not wash it off, but simply eat it.

Teeth whitener

Thanks to the combination of acids contained in strawberries, eating it positively affects not only the mood, but also the color of the smile. To make your teeth one or two shades lighter without expensive dental intervention, you can try just rubbing your teeth with a piece of strawberry in the same direction in which you are used to brushing them.

Hair conditioner

Who would have thought, but strawberries can also become a good conditioner for hair, which will make curls more shiny and obedient, and also prevent them from falling out. To do this, grind eight fresh berries and mix them with mayonnaise. After applying this mixture to the hair for several minutes, it should be washed off with shampoo. Believe me, after that your hair tired of the hair dryer and styling products will say thank you.

Smoothies for a good morning and slim figure

Top models often say that for breakfast, instead of cereal with milk, sweet curds or sandwiches, they prefer smoothies made from fresh seasonal berries and vegetables. Firstly, this breakfast option is easily digestible and energizes better than a cup of coffee. Secondly, it nourishes a portion of vitamins and nutrients. And thirdly, it helps to maintain a balance of calories and helps to get rid of extra pounds. And looking at the top models, we have no reason not to believe them. Therefore, we consider it worth taking a note of the strawberry smoothie recipe that Victoria's Secret angels like to pamper themselves: mix one glass of strawberries, one glass of goji berries and two glasses of almond milk in a blender – and you're done!

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