Beauty Digest: From Unusual Gucci Beauty Ads to Weird TikTok Trend

Gucci Beauty launched a new ad campaign celebrating the fashion house’s most popular lipstick shade, Paris Hilton dyed her hair an unusual shade, TikTok users launched another strange trend (they file their teeth with a nail file), and the first flagship boutique, Kilian Paris, opened in Moscow. What else they talked about this week in the world of beauty – read in our material.

Gucci Beauty unveils new ad campaign celebrating the fashion house’s most popular lipstick shade

Every new ad for Gucci Beauty is a masterpiece! This time, photographer Max Siedentopf captured nine different heroines trying on the red shade of Goldie Red 25 * lipstick.

The mini-videos are complemented by nine fantasy objects in the same hue – from phones to balloons in the form of animals, apples and ketchup bottles – and unusual melodies.

Representatives of the brand continue to glorify the diversity and uniqueness of each, support people who are bold, bright and beautiful in their individuality. The iconic shade chosen by Alessandro Michele comes in three formulas: satin, translucent and matte.

The shade, inspired by the legendary Hollywood character Goldie, is reminiscent of the red lipstick the brand’s creative director saw on his mom’s lips as a child. The number 25 with an asterisk in the title is Alessandro’s lucky number.

Paris Hilton now has pink and blue hair (hello from the 1990s!)

Yesterday, Paris Hilton unveiled a new hair color at a party to mark the release of the biopic documentary: the platinum blonde dyed strands in hot pink and blue.

The star posted several pictures on Instagram, posing for a selfie by the pool with Cara Delevingne, Diplo and James Charles. Judging by the photos and videos, it turned out to be a house party in the backyard of her mansion (with plush sofas, pillows and candles).

TikTok users file their teeth with a nail file (don’t repeat!)

TikTok users never cease to amaze us! After several teeth whitening tricks, including a home remedy made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, the app has a frightening new trend.

Many bloggers file jagged teeth … with a nail file.

I am going to file my teeth with a nail file because they are not perfect, they have jagged edges and I am on a budget.

– explains the user.

This trend has greatly worried dentists, they call the method unsafe and warn that serious damage to the teeth can be caused.

Sawing teeth will remove tooth enamel. Enamel is the outer hard layer of the tooth structure that protects the dentin and nerve of the tooth and also protects against caries. If you saw off too much enamel, you run the risk of tooth sensitivity and worse, nerve inflammation and irritation. This can lead to further complications and the need for dental intervention,

– explains Dr. Christina Wilczynski.

She warns that the damage will be irreversible because, unlike the nails that will grow tomorrow, the structure of the teeth is not restored. Dr. Benjamin Winters, an Arkansas orthodontist with over five million TikTok subscribers, even shot a public service advertisement that recommended not self-medication, but go to a professional.

On September 19, Kilian Paris opens the first flagship boutique in Russia

Now Russian fans of the brand will be able to enjoy their favorite fragrances in a new separate space – the first flagship boutique of the brand at 24 Malaya Bronnaya Street. The interior is designed in the Art Deco style. Here will be presented the entire collection of Perfume As An Art and My Kind of Love, as well as lipsticks Le Rouge Parfum. Also in the boutique you can find fragrances created for stores in Paris, London, New York, Doha and Lugano.

There is a separate refilling area in the space – the Kilian Paris bottle can be refilled. To feel like a VIP guest, go to a separate room for individual consultation, which contains everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of the brand.

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