Awakening appetite: 5 Instagram food accounts worth following

food-blogger "width =" 1000 "height =" 673 "srcset =" 1000w, https: // 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px "></p><p class=A little tired of worrying about the figure and constantly thinking about diets and losing weight, we decided to find the positive aspects of food, which, by the way, can inspire no less than beach photo shoots of models. How? We suggest you plunge into the most interesting Instagram accounts about cooking, which can open a different look at food.


One of the most inspirational, beautiful and stylish food accounts belongs to the popular American blog Food52, where cooking lovers can find answers to any questions: recipes, articles, tips, buying kitchen utensils. Looking at the @ food52 blog page, you will definitely get aesthetic pleasure from the food image, even if you are not used to enjoying the food itself. Minimalist still lifes on the background of a crumpled tablecloth or wooden surface, pastel shades, white dishes that do not distract attention from the dish, scattered crumbs from imperfectly sliced ​​cake, the aroma of which seems to be felt even through the monitor screen – these are the components of the success of food photography, which is worth learn to lovers daily remove their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1-food52 (1)

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Photos Food52

Nikole Franzen

If you have already taken off to shoot food – do it beautifully. This is the motto of the Brooklyn photographer Nicole Franzen. Its page @nicole_franzen is like a window into another world that each of us dreams of getting into – calm, harmonious, cozy, like an eternal vacation. Nicole shows New York not the fussy noisy metropolis we used to see, but a quiet picturesque city with the most interesting corners, delicious food and amazing landscapes. Moreover, the photographer’s account is more than just about food. There you can see not only pictures of delicious culinary creations, but also portraits of the people who cook them, warm companies gathered for a friendly dinner, compositions of expertly served tables, pleasant interiors of establishments, still lifes from fresh fruits and many other details that you can watch forever wondering at the beauty of simple things.

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Nikole Franzen Photos

Jamie oliver

Speaking of food blogs, of course, one cannot fail to mention the account of the “rock star” of the culinary world – the chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver. On his @ jamieoliver page on the social network, he shares pictures of his own cooked dishes with comments and recipes for them, talks about popular gastronomic trends, announces current cooking books and, as the father of four children, gives tips on how to cook dinner you can entice little fidgets and spend Usefully a family day off. And Jamie spoils selfie fans with star friends – Orlando Bloom, Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn and other celebrities do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Oliver’s masterpieces.

3-jamieOliver (1)

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Jamie Oliver Photos

Julie’s Kitchen

“I love tasty things. I love beautiful things. I love to create. I love to study. And I want to share all this with you, ”says Julie Lee, author of the culinary blog Julie’s Kitchen. The page of the @julieskitchen girl is different in that in addition to colorful food compositions, she removes interesting “edible” prints, laying out products on a white surface in a symmetrical order. It is worth noting that such gastronomic abstractionism is in demand among Julie's subscribers, and the girl even successfully sells created photo prints that can be used as interior decor.

4-julieKitchen (1)

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4-julieKitchen (2)

Photo by Julie’s Kitchen

Brutal magazine

If we consider food photos as an art object, then in this area one of the popular online resources is the food and fashion magazine Brutal Magazine, whose Instagram profile (@brutalmagazine) is worth special attention and will appeal to everyone who likes non-trivial things. It contains the most ironic, stylish, vintage, strange, incredible and atmospheric photos one way or another connected with food, its preparation, absorption, serving and even a cult. In a word, there is where you can take your fantasies!

5-brutal (1)

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Brutal Magazine Photos

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