Artem Klimchuk Cruise Collection Fashion Show

On April 25, the designer showed his new collection to the guests in the Royal Fairmont Hotel room.

The talented Artem Klimchuk made a surprise to the fashionable public and presented cruise dresses without waiting for Odessa Holiday Fashion Week. The designer gathered his beloved clients and editors of glossy magazines in a luxurious room at the Fairmont Hotel, whose interior perfectly emphasized the sophistication of the collection called Riviere.

New outfits are inspired by the magic of the city, the Dnieper embankment, steamboats and green thickets of Trukhanov Island. It reflected frescoes from the walls of the waiting room of the River Station and the special atmosphere of Kiev Podil.

Irina Danilevskaya, Elizaveta Yurusheva, Artem Klimchuk, Natalya Strilchuk

Artem Klimchuk

Elizaveta Yurusheva

Alexey Prischepa

Natalya Skull

Kristina Hranovskaya

Nadia Elko

Anna Zemskova

Venya Brykalin

Alexandra Chervonenko

Polina Gabovich

Sonya Plakidyuk

Tamila Nemchenko

Valeria Guzema

Maroussia Oderzhakhovskaya

Olga Oleksenko

Alla Kostromicheva

Kristina Hranovskaya, Valentina Grishchenko

Sonya Plakidyuk, Natalia Strilchuk

Nadia Elko, Vera Titova, Artem Klimchuk, Tamila Nemchenko

Natalya Osadchaya

Photo: Maxim Nesterenko

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