All About Gabriel: Kara, Farrell and Kristen in the teaser for new Chanel films


Very soon, the French Fashion House will present a series of films about the CHANEL’s GABRIELLE collection, the characters of which are the brand's favorite stars – Kristen Stewart, Farrell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Caroline de Megreux.

Already in April, Chanel will begin to release the most anticipated commercials of this season – mini-films dedicated to Gabriel Chanel. Various directors worked on them, conveying the feelings and emotions of stars in their own way.

The first film tells about the meeting of Kristen Stewart with the spirit of Gabrielle herself; in the second, Cara Delevingne will appear as a cartoon character; Carolyn de Megreux shares his thoughts in a Paris apartment, and Farrell in an empty concert hall.

Each of the four videos will reveal one major question: who is Gabrielle? We will find out the answer on April 3.

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