5 main misconceptions about losing weight

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Before stepping on a dangerous and not always grateful pathway to losing weight, it’s worth hacking on your nose the most common misconceptions in this matter that persistently prevent you from losing weight.

Do not eat at night

Do not eat after six in the evening, refuse dinner, do not go into the kitchen in the evening, do not watch the TV series “Kitchen” before going to bed or other films that may provoke an appetite for the night – all these popular tips from girlfriends and glossy magazines are like a fairy tale spell , with bated breath you wait for a miracle. What if it works? The current will not work. Because losing weight is not alchemy, psychology or magic, where you are never sure of the end result. Losing weight is not even biology. Losing weight is always mathematics, where weight is directly proportional to the number of calories consumed. Here the formula is extremely simple: if a person eats fewer calories than he spends, he will lose weight. Anyway. Guaranteed. Regardless of age, physique, love of sport and religion. Therefore, you can eat anything and whenever you like, have dinner even three times in the evening – if the daily calorie content of your diet does not exceed energy consumption, you will still wake up slim. And vice versa – you can stop eating at 16.00 and while away at the gym every night. But if until this time you have consumed more calories than you can "burn" – the figure on the scales will treacherously continue to grow.

Tip: stop believing in psychics, in Santa Claus and in social media posts, like "5 simple and quick ways to lose weight." When it comes to overweight, believe me, there are no such concepts as “simple” and “fast”. Better get, finally, food weights and start counting calories.

Fall in love with running

It constantly seems to us that we will put together the remnants of will and self-esteem, and get out for a morning run, while logging on Instagram our debut distance and sneakers from the new collection of the fashion brand – we will certainly become like one of the Victoria’s secret “angels”. At least from afar. At least a bit. But here's the thing: running or any other cardio load will adjust your silhouette, but they won’t make you a model with a slim figure and a sculpted body. The fact is that cardio loads, although healthy, do not build muscle and rarely use fat reserves as “fuel”. So even a daily run at 6 in the morning before work, which every time seems worthy of a minimum of the Nobel Prize, is not very effective if you want to get rid of extra pounds and reduce volumes.

Tip: Of course, running is better than walking, and walking is better than lying. Any physical activity will certainly not hurt either your figure or your reputation. However, if your goal is still not just to find a healthy mind in a healthy body, but to improve your forms – give preference to strength training – the very ones that are performed with glands and simulators under the supervision of a trainer. Yes, yes, that sounds scary. But believe me, even 2 – 3 of these workouts per week will be enough so that multiple filters are not applied to the selfie in a swimsuit.

278852 "width =" 2000 "height =" 1258 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/278852.jpg 2000w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/278852-670x421.jpg 670w, https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/278852-1280x805.jpg 1280w " sizes = "(max-width: 2000px) 100vw, 2000px"></p></p><h4>Remove the “ears” on the hips</h4><p>Do you know how easy it is to recognize a beginner in the gym, even if he disguises himself with fashionable equipment and has the knowledge of professional terminology? A newcomer, having come to the trainer, loves to solemnly declare the purpose of his arrival, which is to remove the “ears” on the hips, the crease on the waist or “dry” the calves. And then an experienced mentor (if he is competent, of course) will tell him that local weight loss does not exist in nature. You can not lose weight only in the arms, legs, abdomen or cheeks. Starting to play sports, you need to be prepared for the fact that the weight leaves evenly from the whole body, and does it fairly slowly.</p><p>Tip: stop believing on articles on the Internet a la “4 exercises to remove your sides” and ads that offer you to buy a thermal belt that can “make” your waist right in your sleep, and gives you wonderful shorts that “remove” fat from your hips as a bonus you watch a series and chew popcorn. Instead, review your diet, consult a trainer, make sports your habit, and be patient – don’t expect results after two weeks.</p><h4>Dieting</h4><p>There are girls who perceive diets as a kind of hobby: they collect their description in treasured notebooks, as rare brands; know their name in alphabetical order and can talk about their features with the enthusiasm of an entomologist; they experience every newfangled diet with a fisherman's passion for a new spinning. However, the result of such a hobby can only be obtained in one way: if you diet for life. Otherwise, after you withstand the resistance of a tin soldier for two weeks on baked apples and celery salad, kilograms lost due to a calorie deficit will faithfully return to you over the next two weeks. And you will be lucky if they do not bring friends with them.</p><p>Tip: instead of tormenting yourself with constant diets that bring only a short-term effect and a feeling of hunger, switch to proper nutrition, which strictly prohibits only convenience foods and fast food. Everything else can be eaten in moderation.</p></p><p><img class=

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