5 Instagram Travel Accounts to Subscribe to

6532 "width =" 1280 "height =" 884 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/6532.jpg 1280w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/6532-670x463.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px "></p><p>As Maurice Druon said, "The only thing that will not return is youth and the opportunity to travel around the world." Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start compiling a travel guide for the summer season, and as an inspiration, we offer to subscribe to the five best travel Instagram accounts. Perhaps they will help you determine the route.</p><p>Afar</p><p><img loading=

@Afarmedia Instagram account is owned by AFAR, a huge multi-platform that combines print and online publishing for those who cannot imagine their life without traveling. On the page you can find not only picturesque landscapes of different parts of the world that impress with their power, but also everyday shots that capture details that convey the atmosphere of a particular place: food, a fragment of the interior, city transport, artisans at work, fussy fairs and crowded beaches . And as a bonus – almost every photo shares an interesting fact or story about the area in the image.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

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Another source of inspiration for the traveler is the @tinyatlasquarterly account, which, like the previous Instagram, is an addition to the quarterly publication. This photo guide tells about distant lands with the help of colorful photos with a magical mood, depicting the chamber furnishings of places, echoing the name “Tiny Atlas”. Here are collected pictures of shop windows, animals, flower shops, porch houses, stairs, breakfasts in small coffee houses. And every detail in the photo as if tells his personal story.


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The @yogascapes photo collection inspires not only to open your eyes wider and see the world, but also to take care of your physical and spiritual health, for example, through yoga. Have you heard the phrase "at the ends of the world"? This account seems to know where it is for sure. His pictures were taken, it seems, from the most remote and quiet corners of the planet, on whose pacifying background Instagram heroes demonstrate yoga asanas. Looking at these photos, it becomes clear that happiness and harmony actually exist. You just need to find them.


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The @chaiwalla account deserves special attention not even because of its content, but because of the unusual story of its creator, who turned his life upside down in an instant. The page belongs to the Englishman Allan Edward Hinton, who lived, like all the average of his peers. He worked in the office from nine to five, lived in a small London apartment, spent time on weekends in pubs and in movies. But once he decided that he no longer wanted his every day to be like the previous one, filled with the same responsibilities, the same circle of communication and atmosphere. He sold his property, quit his job and went on a world tour, conducting online reporting for his subscribers.

Murad osmann

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One of the most famous travel accounts @muradosmann has more than 3 million subscribers, thanks to the project #followmeto, created by its owner Murad Osmann. Murad Osmann, a young and talented photographer from Dagestan traveling with his girlfriend, and then his wife, Russian journalist Natalya Osmann, began to take her from an interesting angle – from the back, while holding his hand. Thus, romantic photos labeled #followmeto became a real insta trend, and Natalya and Murad received international recognition and took on the project more seriously, turning it into a real brand. Murad’s page is now filled with colorful professional photographs, where his lover poses all in the same position, but on a different scale: the couple carefully selects the landscape, as well as clothes and details that can illustrate the place where they “lead” fans for themselves.

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