5 instagram accounts that will change your reality

Because the reality in them is basically different. Their authors are graphic designers, illustrators and directors who supplement real photos and videos with unexpected details, plots and images. One can only admire their fantasies, and envy the technical skill in black.

@edgar_artis 540 thousand followers

Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis paints unrealistically entertaining dresses with the help of cabbage, nutella, forks, breakfast cereals, yoghurts and even architectural monuments. Moreover, on his YouTube channel he uploads a detailed video of exactly how he does it, that is, he is absolutely not afraid to imitate his idea!

@lizzie_darden 95.3 thousand subscribers

Graphic designer from Florida Lizzy Darden complements some real things with other real things, but so that her reality turns out to be absolutely parallel to ours! Lizzy lobbies the petition for sugar confetti to have a separate step in the food pyramid and loves cats almost more than people.

@francoisdourlen 112 thousand followers

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French photographer Francois Durlain inserts his iPhone into the most ordinary life scenes, and real, seemingly, things take on a completely different meaning. Skate Francois – the use of ma'am and the most relevant news feeds! Thanks to his sense of humor and the right angles, Francois made his customers HUAWEI, Playstation, Audi, Disney and many others!

@dukhovnoe_litso 97.3 thousand subscribers

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Kiev stop-motion video director Masha Oz creates her own reality with the help of hundreds of photographs, which she mounts in short surrealistic plots. In her world, body parts walk on their own, food does not always allow itself to be eaten, and flowers come to life. Shooting one such video can take from 5 minutes to 2 hours, and installation can last up to 3 days! There are many companies and brands on the list of Machine Clients from Oh My Look to Elle Magazine.

@mirrorsme 158 thousand subscribers

28-year-old Norwegian artist Helen Meldahl paints on mirrors – in his bathroom, in the friends lounge, in a public toilet, in a powder box – and makes selfie with these mirrors. The plot of the sketches that Helen creates in 20-30 minutes are so nontrivial that they instantly transfer her to a completely different reality and make her the heroine of the most magical scenes. In our opinion – a real challenge to the banal instagram selfie!

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