3 simple nutrition tips to make life better


In pursuit of beauty and a slender body, we take up the matter too seriously – an Olympic athlete can envy our pressure, and Anna Wintour herself can envy our demands. But just such an approach often turns out to be a failure – we take on more than we can handle, quickly burn out and increasingly put off a new way of life in a long box. What are we doing wrong and how to overcome this barrier between the labels "forever and to no avail losing weight" and "figure like Gisele Bundchen"?

You probably already know what you need to do to find the perfect body. Perhaps, just now you have already begun work on yourself. But today we want to talk about what should not be done so as not to lose the excitement on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Do not focus on numbers

One of the main reasons why the next start of changing the habitual way of life to a healthy one almost always ends in a fiasco is that we are too tense about numbers and all kinds of rules. We abruptly begin to obediently follow the nutrition schedule, eating food strictly on time and measuring its portions with jewelry accuracy. We try to find the most accurate calorie and pedometer calculation app, and download a few, just in case. Suddenly one of them is mistaken? We are chasing the number of kilograms and centimeters dropped, forgetting about our well-being. And even worse – we are fanatically focusing on the numbers of others. How many trainings per week does Miranda Kerr have? How many times a day does Jessica Alba eat? How many kilometers does Irina Shayk run in the mornings?

But the fact is that, firstly, even if you run exactly the same day as Irina Shayk, this does not guarantee that you will ever look like her. And secondly, such a schedule of loads can bore you much faster than you have time to at least mentally get closer to the ideal.

Everyone wants to know the secret of beauty and harmony of a celebrity in the hope that if they follow her plan clearly, in a few months their photo will be difficult to distinguish from the cover of a glossy magazine. But in fact, the secret is that each of us must choose his training schedule for the sport that you like; eat healthy food, but do it in a way that is comfortable and tasty for you; go to bed and wake up when your body requires it.

Remember the time when we were children: we went to bed when we were tired. They didn’t walk on the street in time, but until they got bored. We chose active entertainment not according to the schedule or someone else's recommendations, but according to the mood. They ate when they were hungry – it is very difficult to feed a child with force. According to the same principles, intuitively focusing on one's own internal rhythm and body needs, it is worth building your current lifestyle – a nutrition system, a schedule of loads, types of activities. Just remember what you loved as a child. Well, besides my grandmother’s pies and a secretly stolen handful of sweets, of course.

Do not set hard limits

The second reason why we usually quit what we started, especially when it comes to losing weight, is because of severe and severe food restrictions. The most obvious and therefore ineffective option of such restrictions is diets. Due to the clear time frame of diets, their methods cannot be followed for a long time. Accordingly, it is also impossible to keep the result for a long time. That is, even if the diet helped you lose weight in order to maintain this form, you need to continue to eat about the same as on a diet. When a person gradually returns to his usual diet, along with his favorite dishes, kilograms that were previously dumped return to his life.

By the same mechanism, any food restrictions, not just diets, work. For example, all the literature on proper nutrition suggests that you need to reduce the intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates. And this is certainly true. However, if you instantly cross out absolutely all the sweets from your life, this will inevitably lead to a breakdown, after which again and again the whole path of “proper nutrition” must be started again. It is much more rational to gradually reduce the amount of sugar-containing products in use, leaving them to a minimum – in such a way as to satisfy the appetite of your inner sweet tooth, but which at the same time you can “burn” due to energy waste.

Even the Orthodox fast allows some “errors” in nutrition, if your body and its well-being require it. Categorical eating always causes conflict.

Do not get hung up on food

The third rule, which makes life easier, if you stick to it, is to stop constantly thinking about food. It is important that food is not the first on the priority list. No, of course, we do not call for starving ourselves, or eating anything and every hit – you need to keep balance in everything, without going to extremes. But if you try not to think about lunch right after breakfast, not to count the minutes at work before the coffee break, not to be afraid that without dinner you will remain hungry, not to bother about how many glasses of water you have already drunk, and how much more you need – life will become much easier. Just give it a try!

A thousand different nuances depend on the fact that nutrition has a positive effect on the body and consciousness. But do not complicate your life yourself. Surely you have more urgent problems to solve and responsibilities that require attention than the percentage of oil fat in a sandwich for breakfast or a cake shamelessly eaten after six in the evening.

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